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WTF? Golden Goose “Buckle Closure”

By admin on February 29th, 2008

GoldengooseI’m sorry but what the hell is this? It looks like some sort of bridle. Like something Maggie Gyllenhaal would’ve worn in The Secretary.
I love that Yoox are just like “It’s a buckle closure. You want more information? It’s brown and it’s a gift idea”. And when you look at the ‘More Images’, they just show it unbuckled. Yeah, that’s what I’m curious about, how the buckle works.

There’s only one of them so it can’t be for shoes. Perhaps it’s for luggage. What the hell is it? Am I being thick?
It’s only £18 so maybe I’ll get one anyway and see what happens. I can wear it speed-dating. Kinky!


Golden Goose Sandals

By admin on February 7th, 2008

GoldengooseLiterally just landed at Aloha Rag are these sandals from Golden Goose. Roman sandals are a trend that’s been simmering for at least a couple of years now but it hasn’t really peaked. Perhaps this is their year?
The perfect partner to a pair of dress shorts, these will also work with this season’s cropped trousers. Before venturing into the world of sandals however, invest in a pumice stone and nail clippers. No-one wants to see narly toes and cracked heels. Sickatating!

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