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2012′s 21 hottest gadgets – iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, I’m Watch and more

By Stefano on December 10th, 2012

Our pals over at Tech Digest have seen an awful lot of gadgets this year. They have checked out the latest Smart TVs, weighed up whether the iPad mini is worth the extra dosh over the Google Nexus 7 and snapped away on the latest cameras.

So we asked them to help us come up with the year’s 21 best gadgets. Obviously it is tablets and phones that grab the limelight, but we have also added TVs, cameras, watches and whole load more.

Here then are the 21 gadgets that we consider to be the be desirable of this year’s selection.

What have we missed? Tell us in the comments.



Google Nexus 4 £239.99

Picture 1 of 21
Picture 1 of 21

The Google Nexus 4 is the best smartphone bargain we've ever seen. God only knows what sort of subsidised deals the search giant has lined up in order to deliver a smartphone just as powerful as its premium rivals at almost half the price. But we're not complaining; for the cost of a mediocre smartphone, the Nexus 4 delivers the latest version of Android, a super-fast processor, a beautiful display and superb new camera functionality. At its £239.99 entry price it's a steal, and one we can't recommend highly enough

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The best selling items this Christmas in the US so far – North Face Coats, the iPad 2 (!?) and your worst fashion nightmare

By Stefano on December 5th, 2012

Yep according to industry fashion bible WWD the big story in retail in the US in the last couple of weeks has been the revival of, wait for it, Ugg boots. Yep the surprisingly comfy, yet utterly hideous boots are once again a huge hit with the guys and gals across the Pond. Haven’t they (or at least the women) read this?

As for the other stuff that’s flying out of the stores, well Coach handbags and North Face coats are selling well, and in the tech space it is all about the iPad (with the 2 apparently outselling the 4!?), Google Nexus 7 and Dr Dre Beats headphones.

Anyhow you can read more about the list on WWD here. And look at a much better shopping list here.


The NAPTC M010S – a £60 tablet that Amazon and Google ought to be worried about

By Stefano on October 12th, 2012

Every now and then a very interesting bit of consumer electronics slips under the radar. It is usually a fairly cheap device from a no name brand from the far east which miraculously not only works brilliantly but offers outstanding value for money.

And one device that might just be about to join that rather short list is the M010S a £60 tablet from NAPTC. It sports a 7inch screen and runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, has a A13 1.0 GHz CPU, a Mali 400 MHz graphics processor and a 5 point multi touch capacitive resolution 800 x 480 screen. It packs eight Gigabytes of storage – which can be upgraded by a MicroSD card – and comes with a 0.3 mp camera and access to the Google Play store.

Just to offer some perspective the cheapest Kindle Fire at £129 has a slightly faster processor, a higher resolution screen and all the Amazon integration, but the differences aren’t huge. The Nexus 7 at £159 is also fairly similar though it runs Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and has a superior screen and better camera.

Now there are a few seven inch Android tablet devices around with a similar set of features. Few however come close to the M010S ‘s give away price.

More importantly the device is currently going down a storm on Amazon. The last time I looked it had 4.5 stars and 35 reviews mainly rave reviews. Here’s just  a couple. If the distributor has been writing them they have certainly been working very hard! Actually read the reviews and given the details they go into they certainly seem legitimate.

Overall an utterly amazing piece of kit for the price, I would recommend this to anyone who wants a good small tablet but is unwilling to fork out for a more expensive branded model.

For the price paid, I’m very impressed with this tablet, regardless of any small issues that have presented themselves to date. I’ve actually ordered two!

The company selling the tablet, Wendy Lou, seem to have a good reputation and they also offer many more NAPTC tablets including one – the M009S which sells for £39.99.

As for NAPTC, well who knows… It appears to be a Chinese company that specialises in cut price tablets many of which are sold via Amazon.

So has anyone actually bought a M010S? Does it match its billing? is it value for money? Should Amazon and Google be worried?

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