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Stock up on t-shirts for summer: 80′s Purple

By Colin Chapman on January 13th, 2009


America has always been the place to pick up cool T-shirts. Whether Hanes or (more recently) American Apparel, heavy duty 100% cotton T-s are an American staple. And there’s certainly no shortage of Stateside design talent when it comes to T-shirt graphics. Many of the best are available from 80′s Purple online. Costing approximately half the price they would here, it’s worth investing in a few at a time to make the postage worthwhile. Stock up now and be the envy of your friends this summer.

L: Beautiful Decay, Spaghetti/R: OBEY, Obama Yes We Did from 80′s Purple

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WISHLIST: River Island Tokyo Tees

By Will Reid on April 11th, 2008

tokyo.JPGLeft to Right; World Tour t-shirt £16.99, Seventh Seal Sun t-shirt £15, Seventh Seal Japan Create £15

Inspired by Isabelle’s talk of thunderstorms and rainclouds at Shiny Towers, I decided to source some foreign-focused fashion for those rainy-day dreams of tropical (and of course warm) destinations.

These t-shirts are (just in case you didn’t notice) based on posters and leaflets around Tokyo. Fashioned from 100% cotton, these could be based on pages from manga comics or, in the case of my fave, vintage propaganda banners shouting “Japan Create!” In bright colours and bold graphics, abandon any sense of gloom and widen your outlook with images of cartoons and lasers.

River Island isn’t exactly famed for being on-trend and it doesn’t pretend to be high fashion but let’s take a lesson from DJ Karl and embrace new things- be it high street or Grand Theft Auto 4.

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