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J Lindeberg merino cardigan

By admin on June 2nd, 2008

j lindeberg grey cardigan.jpgA perfect grey v-neck cardigan is something to be cherished, I never take off my Uniqlo men’s one but this one from J Lindeberg is pretty special. The fine merino knit looks great and despite the fact that the waistband isn’t ribbed but is straight the overall cut and proportion are spot on.

It’s fairly pricey at 144EUR but a perfect grey cardigan is a precious thing, less formal than a jacket and made for this time of year. The sober grey colour will tone down any fashion flights of fancy and instantly smartens up a casual outfit.

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Is pink one of the colours of the season?

By admin on May 28th, 2008

greyone.jpgIn the London paper today, they’ve stated that silvery grey is the colour of the season. I doubt it will be, due to grey shirts showing sweat more prominently than other colours but that’s not my main steak with this article. More problematic is the colour they’re teaming it up with – pink. Back when men started wearing pink, it was a statement of a softer side, the kind of man who cries watching Sex and the City before going back to chop some wood and crush a beer can on his forehead.

The problem is that in the last couple of years, pink has become very popular amongst men. Specifically, the FHM bloke, who have claimed the pink shirt as their own with the same vigour they claimed Ben Sherman shirts and misogyny. For anyone who doesn’t want to be mistaken for a swaggering idiot, this means pink off the colour menu.


Lanvin metallic deck shoes

By admin on May 16th, 2008

lanvin deck shoes matches peach grey.jpgI’ve only recently got over my deck shoe inverse snobbery, which makes it even harder to figure out whether these metallic Lanvin deck shoes are the most awesome shoe ever, or just really lame. They’re just so over the top I think I’m in love.

Obviously grey suede and peach metallic leather were never going to be suitable for actually wearing on a boat, so if you feel like splashing £465 out on a pair forego any cargo pants, wraparound shades or polar fleeces. Team them instead with slim fit white jeans (yes, seriously) and a grey v-neck for a neutral take on the ’80s Club Tropicana look.


Grey and neon Swear lace-ups from Office

By admin on May 15th, 2008

office swear neon lace up.jpgGrey and neon is a pretty good colour combination, I like the way grey geeks up the neon a bit to remove the nu-rave connotations.
There’s even more of a contrast going on here with these shoes from Office (£34.99) as the neon clashes nicely with the old man stylings going on. I love it, it’s like pops from down the road got happy with a highlighter after a few too many G+Ts.

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“Love Is Blind…” – True Or False?

By Will Reid on April 4th, 2008

vanity.JPGEveryone has had that person they wanted to impress; the girl, the guy, the parent, the boss. And what better medium than fashion? Whether it’s the Louboutin slutty-stiletto (for the girls let me say) or one of Armani’s finest suits, the right look can make or break a first date.

So when Mick Jagger, a living legend with everything but height and anti-wrinkle cream on his side, took his fiancée L’Wren Scott (6′ 4″ to Mick’s 5′ 10″) to the premiere of ‘Shine a Light’ (the Rolling Stones’ new ‘rockumentary’) it was clear that he felt the need to give himself a bit of a sartorial boost. So how true is it that “love isn’t finding a perfect person, it’s seeing an imperfect person perfectly?”

Read on for more celeb examples and rather mean imagery.

(Image Source: Getty/ Pacific Coast News/Get Lippy)

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Jeans & Trousers

Until it’s short shorts weather don a pair of Topman slacks

By Isabelle OCarroll on March 17th, 2008

topam grey narrow trews.JPGWhile we’re getting all hot under the collar about the short shorts debate (seriously, is there a more important current affairs topic?) the weather hasn’t quite caught up with us.

Clad your legs in a pair of slim fit trousers, the grey will look great should you decide to take the plunge and try one of this season’s trend colours like coral, sky blue or lemon yellow. Pick something like a belt or t-shirt and when it falls out of favour you can use the belt as a dog collar and the t-shirt as a duster. Fab. Topman’s grey slacks (£40) have got a nice slubby textured finish which will add interest to your outfit.


YMC Button Collar Sweat Top

By admin on February 28th, 2008


Who loves a shawl neck more than me? No-one, that’s who. Grey on grey works for me too. YMC’s  includes this gem which is available from Laundry Room and bless em, if they haven’t spelt button wrong. But we won’t dwell on that cos I can’t spell either. Plus, I’m a little bit scared of buttons (true story) so I’m taking it as a slight on them. Well done Laundry Room.


Wearing one colour all the time

By admin on February 26th, 2008


While not as interesting as Lindsay Lohan going
impersonating Marilyn Monroe, there was an intriguing feature in New York magazine about
people who wear all one
. Don’t worry, black wasn’t allowed – otherwise it would have just
been a feature on Goths.

There’s a shoe designer who only wears
blue, a fashion designer in grey, an industrial designer who wears pink and
white at separate times (that’s two colours, the cheat), a fabric designer in
green and Stephin Merritt, who only wears brown.  The article is interesting if only for the
pomposity of the interviewees. The industrial designer (is that just fancy talk
for architect?) stated that wearing white made him feel “angelic and free”.
Presumably, wearing black made him feel like the grim reaper.


Lacoste Ibiza Block

By admin on February 19th, 2008


These puppies are gorgeous. Great colour combination, great design, great shape. They’re amazing.
They have a really authentic eighties look to them – something about grey mixed with colour is very evocative of the era. Also the leather (or could it be leatherette? Do I dare dream?) padding on the uppers is just divine.
You can get hold of them from the ever reliable We Sold Out for €100 (about £75).

Designer Spotlight

Nom De Guerre go grey for spring

By admin on February 18th, 2008


(Click on the image for full-sized picture)

While most spring/summer ranges embrace
bright colours, Nom De Guerre have
decided to go all neutral. Using a muted palette much more suited to winter, it’s
a look that works because it shouldn’t. Grey isn’t a colour you associate with spring
and because of this, the contrast would be all the more striking. 

Personally, I’m still not sold on shorts on
men, Most men have legs that should be covered at all times. To Nom De Guerre’s credit, they make it look wearable, which is no mean feat. They’re also (probably)the
only label who haven’t adopted roll ups for their trousers, which shows a nice
streak of nonconformity. Their new range should be available when their online store opens. For now, you
can watch ‘Der Hamster’ instead.


B.Son double breasted jacket

By admin on December 14th, 2007

Bsonjacket_2 I
was almost tired of talking about
jackets. Shouldn’t everyone have one by now? It’s so cold out that I’m
seriously considering wearing long johns to work. So cold that you should have
bought a jacket out of necessity not just fashion-based vanity (like I did). Any
coats you get now will simply be adding to your collection and I can’t think of
a better reason to buy a jacket than that. I seriously can’t.

This B.Son
is pretty much the standard for this season, I’m sure you know it by
now: double breasted, muted colours etc… However the bottom of the jacket
is cut like a waistcoat, which adds a little character to what would have been
an average jacket. For what you’re getting, the price is pretty reasonable at
about £275.

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