MOVEMBER: Getting a Mo Bro shave at the Gillette “The Best A Mo Can Get” barbershop

16 days into Movember 2012, and taches up and down the land are starting to look like Basil Brush’s tail. Mo maintenance ain’t easy but, for a prostate cancer bashing worthy cause, men up and down the land are persevering, battling through the bedtime rebukes of their partners and the back-of-the-bus jibes from school kids. Thankfully, Gillette have spotted that a …

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Gerald LynchMOVEMBER: Getting a Mo Bro shave at the Gillette “The Best A Mo Can Get” barbershop

MOVEMBER: Gillette open “The Best A Mo Can Get” barbershop for Mo Bros

We’re five days into Movember 2012, the charity campaign that sees blokes growing a moustache to raise awareness of the dangers of prostate cancer. If you’re taking part, but have ended up with a tache more like Basil Brush’s tail than a finely groomed Errol Flynn number, you’ll be pleased to hear that Gillette are opening up a unique pop-up …

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Gerald LynchMOVEMBER: Gillette open “The Best A Mo Can Get” barbershop for Mo Bros

Arnold Schwarzenegger sports hipster crew cut for new action flick “Ten”

What do you think of when someone says to you “Arnold Schwarzenegger?” I think of a man fist-fighting with the Predator, an amnesiac on Mars on a mission to “give this people der air” (sic), a time travelling robot assassin who knows now why you cry, though it’s something he can never do. What definitely does not spring to mind …

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Gerald LynchArnold Schwarzenegger sports hipster crew cut for new action flick “Ten”

Gear up for Movember with new Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler

  With the annual prostate cancer ‘Movember’ moustache-growing fundraiser kicking off in just under a month, it’s time to start looking at some new products to keep your extraneous facial hair in line. Today we’ve got the Gillette Fusion ProGlider Styler to show you, a 3-in-1 styling tool “based on performance driven design.” Offering a precision edging blade, it’ll let …

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Gerald LynchGear up for Movember with new Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler

20 Most Iconic Rock ‘n’ Roll Hairstyles

Rock ‘n’ roll can be broken down as follows: 10% fashion, 10% music and 110% HAIR. We know that adds up to 130%. That’s why we’re writing for a fashion site and aren’t quantum physicists. But it also acts to highlight just how important good hair can be in the making of a musical and cultural icon, and cementing the status …

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Gerald Lynch20 Most Iconic Rock ‘n’ Roll Hairstyles

GOOD BEARD, BAD BEARD: Is facial hair sexy?

Razors at the ready folks; a new scientific study claims to have proven that your chin chaff is about as attractive as draping a mangy cat over your face and then combing yesterday’s porridge through it. OK, so that may be a tad extreme, but there’s a fair amount of research backing up the anti-beard brigade this time. Haven’t we …

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Gerald LynchGOOD BEARD, BAD BEARD: Is facial hair sexy?

Review: Stargazer Hair Wax

Last month the guys over at Stargazer sent us some of their natural hair wax to test out. Overall we thought it was a great product. The packaging has a wonderful retro feel that made us think of classic barber shops and 50’s styling. These practical tins also make it easy to slipped into a bag or kept in your …

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LauraReview: Stargazer Hair Wax
men are useless

Men Are Useless Review

This month one of our reviewers, Joe, kindly tested out the monthly box scheme for male grooming essentials – “Men Are Useless.” For about the same price as you would pay at the shops, Men are Useless will do all your essential toiletry shopping for you, box it up and deliver it through your letter box. Read Joe’s full review …

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LauraMen Are Useless Review

Trend Transition… Eyebrow-Free Faces?!


Back when she started out, Karen Elson had her eyebrows infamously off-ed at the suggestion of Steven Meisel. She catapulted to international fame fronting high-fashion campaigns and covers from W magazine to Italian Vogue. All this would suggest that the loss of one’s eyebrows is actually rather beneficial- a debate being started over on the Daily Mail website. In the latest Givenchy advert, model Adriana Lima shows off a pair of bleached brows and the Daily Mail is as always on the attack.

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wreidTrend Transition… Eyebrow-Free Faces?!

Latest Hairspiration: Crash Magazine’s ‘Pale Fountain’


It looks as if, this summer, you will be mercilessly defined by your haircut. We’ve outlined a few of the trendiest, the possible need for back up in a can, and now, I have a new look. This piece of major hairspiration comes in the form of the ‘Pale Fountain’ editorial in the latest issue of Crash magazine.

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Will ReidLatest Hairspiration: Crash Magazine’s ‘Pale Fountain’

More proof men are becoming metrosexuals: The JAW line defining shaving cream from Ulltra Man

ultra man.jpg

Kiss and Make Up‘s Zara on jaw defining shaving cream:

If 2008 was the year that mancake rose to power, 2009 has solidified the metrosexuals place in society. We’ve featured the rise of Ab Gel and manscara, well now there’s another potion available for the looks obsessed male. It’s a shaving cream that promises to define the jaw as well as help you whisk away stray hairs.

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adminMore proof men are becoming metrosexuals: The JAW line defining shaving cream from Ulltra Man

Jimmy Carr in ‘Mancake’ at Elle Style Awards 2009


Yesterday, I was on my way to Gatwick after a holiday in Brighton and the radio came on with Jimmy Carr talking about such things as ‘Guyliner’ and ‘Manscara.’ It turned out that Carr had himself been wearing these rather controversial at the Elle Style Awards on Monday night and he explained that “you can’t polish a turd but you can sprinkle glitter on it.”

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Will ReidJimmy Carr in ‘Mancake’ at Elle Style Awards 2009

50 Cent tipped to release men’s cosmetics line

50 cent cosmetics male cream.jpg

Click image to enlarge

Doesn’t Fiddy scrub up well? From coke dealer to primped popstar I guess it doesn’t come as that much of a surprise to learn that 50 Cent is planning to release a range of cosmetics for men. Jean Paul Gaultier’s heralded the acceptance of male cosmetics into the mainstream, (and also a hilarious video or two courtesy of Stuart and Sean) and now Curtis James Jackson III is joining the bandwagon.

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admin50 Cent tipped to release men’s cosmetics line

Mr Taylor’s Moustache Wax gives you the gentlemanly finishing touch

mr taylors moustache wax.jpg

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At a recent friend’s birthday one of the presents which got the most attention was Mr Taylor’s Moustache Wax.

The friend in question does indeed sport a ‘stache and the wax helps him keep it in shape with the merest hint of a handlebar curve at the sides.

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adminMr Taylor’s Moustache Wax gives you the gentlemanly finishing touch

6786 custom Lynx wallet -hide your shame!

Lynx Bullet Holder 03 (2).jpg

Beauty expert Zara gives us the ‘need to knows’ on Lynx Bullet: Deodorants aren’t the most exciting things in the world, nut with nifty add campaigns and entertaining TV virals, Lynx has carved out a niche in the market. Their latest development is for the Bullet, their new pocket sized can that can create the ‘Lynx Effect’ when you’re out and about.

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admin6786 custom Lynx wallet -hide your shame!

Moustaches are here to stay!


Facial hair, like formal dressing, shows no signs of losing fashion popularity anytime soon. There’s been a definite move though from full beard (though I don’t see those disappearing either) to statment moustache. What started out as a novelty item worn only by the genuine fashion freak or professional showman has started to edge towards the mainstream. In terms of the former, Issue 2 of Buck magazine featured Frederick Blood-Royale from the New York band Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man (and ex-beau of Peaches Geldoff) resplendently moustachioed.

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Colin ChapmanMoustaches are here to stay!

Merry Christmas from Brandish

jimi hendrix father christmas album brandish competition.jpg

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Merry Christmas Brandish Readers!

With the H&M CDG, Andrew Price’s Priceless range for Topman and Giles for New Look collabs, Gareth Pugh’s forthcoming men’s range and people like Andre Benjamin upping the style stakes it’s been a great year for menswear (let’s just gloss over the Wishroom’s men’s bra!)

If you’ve opened your presents, had a sip of Buck’s Fizz and eaten your way through a tin of Roses’ Chocs and are still bored then enter our Great Christmas Giveaway!

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adminMerry Christmas from Brandish

AskMen.com Gives Us “Shaving Tips From Moroccan Street Shavers”


AskMen.com has recently proved to be a good source of interesting and insightful fashion features (at least once you’ve clicked through such literary gems as “Is a 3-some really worth it?” and an “Is Britney actually Hot?” poll.) A look at their Fashion section resulted in me reading a great article by P.A Parfond, the site’s weekly fashion correspondent, entitled “Shaving Tips From Moroccan Street Shavers.”

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Will ReidAskMen.com Gives Us “Shaving Tips From Moroccan Street Shavers”