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Now it is rumoured that Arsenal players don’t want the guard of honour

By Stefano on April 25th, 2013

I wrote yesterday about how Arsenal fans need to get over it and give Manchester United, and their old pal Robin Van Persie, the guard of honour on Sunday.

Now in a classic piece of mischief making the Daily Mail is reporting that some of the players aren’t took keen on saluting their former team mate.

The paper says

Reluctant Arsenal players are privately unhappy about giving newly crowned champions Manchester United — and their former captain, Robin van Persie — a guard of honour when they meet at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday – but they are still expected to perform the honour.

A guard of honour is a tradition in games involving teams who have just won the title. Privately, a number of Arsenal players have expressed objections towards the gesture, particularly in front of their own supporters, but it is understood it will still go ahead.

There’s no attribution to the source of the story, so make of that what you will.

The Mail is certainly splashing a little fuel on a fire that could soon rage out of control.

Arsenal need to confirm or deny that the guard will happen and work with the fans to ensure that it goes off peacefully. If fans want to turn their backs on the United players that’s up to them.

However I think that anything that gives United players more determination to win a game that they really don’t need to – whereas Arsenal are desperate for the points – is not sensible.


Get over it! Why Arsenal should give Man United the guard of honour

By Stefano on April 24th, 2013

There are many things in life which are unfair, unpalatable and downright uncomfortable. and as a Gooner I am probably going to have to endure something that is all three on Sunday when my beloved Arsenal give Man United the Premiership Champions traditional guard of honour.

The club haven’t confirmed that the guard will take place beyond a hint that it will honour protocol, but already there has been a backlash on Twitter.

The Metro reports that many Arsenal fans may turn their back on the guard while Piers Morgan has tweeted.

‘A guard of honour, for the biggest traitor in Arsenal history. At our own ground. I think I’m going to be sick,’

Well, I do have some sympathy with those views in that the guard will be painful, especially because right at the centre of it will be the man who on Monday was cartwheeling round Old Trafford like a seven year old.

However, I won’t be turning my back. We just need to get it over with. The precarious situation that we are in is not down to Robin Van Persie, but the Muppets that oversaw his exit without properly replacing him.

For me the hardest part could be at the end of the game. If we don’t get at least a point, then we have not only been beaten by a team we once considered our deadliest rivals, but also lost ground in the battle for a Champions league slot.

So don’t turn your backs. It is just not classy. And besides anything that fires up the United side even more – on a day when in theory they could be taking it easy – simply isn’t clever.

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