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Apple’s iWatch – take a look at the gallery of prototypes

By Stefano on February 19th, 2013

I have already written loads about Apple ‘s iWatch, so if you want the most recent update go here and if you want the background and to take a peek at some of its rivals then check here.

Even though it hasn’t been confirmed the iWatch already exists, well in the minds of some very clever designers and Photoshoppers.

Here then are the best iWatch designs we have seen so far. Some date from a few years ago while one is from as far back as 2005.


Picture 7 of 7
Picture 7 of 7

Now this is ancient - dating from as far back as 2005 which is prior to the iPhone. Legion cleverly predicted the evolution of the iPod mini into a watch type device which lets you check your data (calendar, contacts etc) while enabling you to control your iPod wirelessly via Bluetooth. This kind of happened with the watch style cases for the iPod nano. Legion



Pocket squares!

By Colin Chapman on April 20th, 2009

It’s probably a first that Alexis Petridis at The Guardian picks up on a trend before the Brandish team but here’s an exception. Whilst Petridis’s column on Saturday featured the said accessory with a standard suit, I recently spotted a Liberty sales assistant making a much more imaginative use of the pocket square. He’d paired a vintage-looking, ‘farmer’ check Barbour shirt in cream/khaki with a Liberty pocket square in one of their classic, ‘arts and crafts’ prints in a cool, pale blue. Perfectly folded into the shirt pocket, the pocket square positively fizzed against the rural check of his shirt. Were this boy walking down the street in New York City he’d have been a moving target for The Sartorialist.

As I’m attending a stylish wedding reception this weekend, I’d already decided to give the pocket-square-in-shirt-pocket look a spin, but how to be sure about that folding?

As ever, YouTube comes to the rescue with its delightfully titled ‘The Art of Manliness‘ guide to the pocket square.

Pocket squares: Liberty, Image source: Dandy and Wit

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The Guardian’s Alexis Petridis tries out the Mark Ronson look

By admin on February 24th, 2009

Who’d a thunk ol’ Petri Dish was on You Tube?! Well here is showing us how to dress like Mark Ronson.

This seems to consist of a Specials-lite look of Ray Bans, retro jacket and pork pie hat. The respected music journalist doesn’t always hit the menswear mark, but to his credit he is self-depreciating enough to be loveable… Give it a watch!

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London’s Street Style, is it the best?

By admin on February 11th, 2009

street style london glam canyon.jpg
Click image to enlarge

The Sartorialist may have crowned New York as the centre of street style but Paul Flynn has written an eloquent piece on why London style is among the most interesting in the world, as part of the G2 London fashion special in the Guardian today. It explains why, although we don’t get the commercial glory of New York or the couture kudos of Paris London is still a force to be reckoned with:

“If in Paris you could take an educated guess at someone’s salary from their wardrobe, in London, Manchester or Glasgow you could probably pin down the last record they bought, their political inclinations, and the places they most like to get drunk in. British street style is delivered with a spirit of invention, not regimentation. It doesn’t replicate, it innovates. Much to our credit, there is no shame in busting a look, which is why we gave to the world punk in the 70s, acid house in the 80s and the micro-niches of both (electro, nu-rave, elegantly wasted indie kids).”

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[Source, Images: GlamCanyon]

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DJ Spoony reveals his shopping secrets

By admin on August 22nd, 2008

dj spoony golf shopping guardian.jpgDJ Spoony has been telling the Guardian about his favourite type of shirts, where his manbag is from and all other types of fashion-related stuff.
A bit of a surprise was the mention of Burton in his favourite UK shopping destinations:

“For clothes, Harvey Nichols or Selfridges are good. And Burton is nice now as well, honestly. I’ve found some real gems with their jeans and T-shirts. They fit beautifully and they wash well.”

I have to say his description of shopping is in my mind the only way it should be done: “I’m a hitman – in and out.”

Click image to enlarge
[Charles Knight/Rex Features]


Hadley Freeman says enough to high fashion on the high street

By admin on August 19th, 2008

comme des garcons hm pictures.jpgRare are the occasions when I disagree with Hadley Freeman, there was a bit of fuss about bright opaque tights when her book came out but on the whole she’s a good ‘un.
Today in Guardian though Hadders was less than enthusiastic about the Comme des Garçons collection for H&M saying: “while Comme’s granddad styles might look like the apogee of chic when done with the highest quality of fabrics and sold in the snootiest of department stores, the budget versions, one suspects, will have a different look.”

Ok so the hammer pants may not become one of the bestsellers but the menswear is actually pretty good. We featured pictures yesterday and I think this will be one designer collection the men can actually get their teeth into, for once.

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Jess Cartner Morley dissects Barack Obama’s style

By admin on June 6th, 2008

barack obama michelle presidential.jpg
With an admirable eye for detail the Guardian’s Jess Cartner-Morley has being giving the US presidential candidate’s dress sense the once over:
Barack Obama‘s own wardrobe has been striking in its simplicity. His trademark is a slim-fitting black suit, and a sense of spit and polish; a very starched white shirt, a very shiny dark shoe. The dark tailoring gives him gravitas, and – in photos at least – adds presence to his slim figure.

I must admit Barack Obama does cut quite a dash in the sartorial wasteland of US politics, his dark, slim-fitting suit has become his trademark and defines him as someone modern and efficient.

More on Obama:
Barack Obama on the cover of February’s GQ

Presidential Major Moment = Red Tie, Obama follows suit

[Source, Image: KPA/Zuma/Rex Features]

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