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What to wear on New Year’s Eve – tips for looking great

By shinychris on December 20th, 2012

Tailored polos from Hackett help accentuate the pecs and biceps, making you look fitter

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As far as nights out are concerned, there are few that match the excitement and hype of New Year’s Eve. While many people will plan where they’re going weeks if not months in advance, many men will leave thinking about what to wear until the night itself. This inevitably leads to many people ringing in the New Year in a way that leaves them cringing when they finally see their photos pop up on Facebook. Looking good doesn’t need to be difficult however, if you follow these tips.

Don’t go overboard – some people have the temptation to dress themselves up like a Christmas tree, but an understated, elegant look demonstrates an inner confidence. Saying that, dress too casual and you’ll still be standing out for all the wrong reasons. Wearing a classic polo shirt is a great way to balance the need to be smart without trying, but if you’re going to keep it this simple you’ll need quality. Tailored polos from Hackett are ideal, as the way they’re cut helps accentuate the pecs and biceps, making you naturally look fitter.

Wear a watch – It goes without saying that knowing the time on New Year’s Eve is handy – just make sure that it’s correct to the exact second. If you’re the type of person that usually just checks their phone for the time make this night the exception. As well as being practical the right watch can complement and enhance any outfit.

Dress well from the feet up – While people might look at your face and top first, it won’t be long before they’ve looked at your feet, and an unflattering pair of shoes can be the undoing of even the most stylish of outfits. If wearing smart trousers it’s particularly important to ensure that your shoes match – black trousers and brown shoes have never looked good together and they still don’t. A final note: don’t choose New Year’s Eve to be the first night you wear a pair of shoes or you might not make it till midnight if you find out they’re particularly painful.

Focus on the smaller details – Often an outfit can be transformed by the right belt, a skinny tie or even a pair of glasses. Once you’ve decided on your main items of clothing feel free to experiment with accessories to achieve that killer look.

Smell as good as you look – It really doesn’t matter how good you look if someone is put off by your smell as soon as they approach you. Ensuring your clothes are cleans and your body is deodorised is the bare minimum, while cologne or aftershave, used in moderation, can transform any outfit.

As always, the most important thing is to feel comfortable and confident with what you’re wearing. Since you’re more likely to feel confident if you look good, however, it wouldn’t hurt to start thinking about what to wear now, so you can make sure you start the year as you mean to go on.

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Hackett Spring/Summer 2011 collection

By Laura on March 15th, 2011

The quintessentially British label, Hackett have launched their spring/summer 2011 collection. Comprised of four ranges, Hackett have tried to bring a classy sophisticated look to almost every summer event, whether it be a day in the country, a business engagement or just relaxing by the seaside. Although it is quite a traditional collection, I can’t help but love it. There are just so many timeless pieces worth the investment.

The four ranges include the Correspondent collection, which is inspired by “the globetrotting gentleman”, and incorporates light-weight, warm weather suiting and iconic travel garments, such as safari jackets, chinos and macs, with a contemporary cut and style. The Mayfair collection shows off the classic Hackett tailoring combined with knitwear in summery tones of fresh lilac, warm pink and mint green. The collection is a real blend of sophisticated, casual sportswear. The Caribbean collection continues a travel theme with bold colours and prints on cotton and linen trousers, shorts, polos, casual shirts, and swim wear. Finally the Nautical collection comprises of traditional maritime colours, and key pieces including a double-faced navy jacket with red lining, horizontal striped blazers, lightweight white suiting and nautical striped polo shirts.

For those of you who like the sounds of the collection your in luck because to celebrate the launch of the new season collection, Hackett is giving away an essential Hackett beach kit through their Facebook page. Check out their fan page here for all the details.

On a side note I absolutely love the photography for the collection. You can see more images on their Flickr page here

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