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Hadley Freeman says enough to high fashion on the high street

By admin on August 19th, 2008

comme des garcons hm pictures.jpgRare are the occasions when I disagree with Hadley Freeman, there was a bit of fuss about bright opaque tights when her book came out but on the whole she’s a good ‘un.
Today in Guardian though Hadders was less than enthusiastic about the Comme des Garçons collection for H&M saying: “while Comme’s granddad styles might look like the apogee of chic when done with the highest quality of fabrics and sold in the snootiest of department stores, the budget versions, one suspects, will have a different look.”

Ok so the hammer pants may not become one of the bestsellers but the menswear is actually pretty good. We featured pictures yesterday and I think this will be one designer collection the men can actually get their teeth into, for once.


Henry Conway: Queen Sloane, scandalmonger and living end

By ShinyMedia on January 31st, 2008


I came up with the term ‘living end’ a few years ago to describe people like Henry Conway and I’ve still not yet decided whether its complimentary or not. Either way Henry Conway is a living end to the death, he’s hit the headlines recently after a scandal involving his MP father paying him a researcher’s wage for er, presumably nothing more than being his son.

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