Where’s Fellaini’s hair gone?! … And other barnets from the world of football!

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Notice anything different? Do you even recognise who this is? It’s Manchester United’s Marouane Fellaini and he’s sensationally shaved off his infamous afro!! Fellaini has made over 150 Premier League appearances for Everton and Manchester United combined but always with his recognisable barnet, next season we’ll be seeing a different look from the Belgian! Louis Van Gaal will be hoping …

Toni&Guy: Tweet back and sides as hairdressing salons get free Wi-Fi

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Would you rather be sending a tweet or checking your email than be telling your hairdresser about your holiday plans? Hairstyling chain Toni&Guy get this and have teamed up with O2 to offer all their customers free in-store Wi-Fi across every branch. Toni&Guy’s 1.5million UK customers will be able to browse the web, watch videos and access social networking sites …

A warning from Brandish: Man Clips

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Remember a few years ago when it was all the rage amongst so called “men” to wear hair bands and scrape back their long greasy hair? Yeah me too and it looks like dark times are upon us once again as images of a very bearded Joaquin Phoenix sporting some “man clips” are floating around the information super highway. Like anything in the fashion world prefixed with the word “man” it looks and is a bag of crap, nothing angers me more than idiotic man-hair with the possible exception of men in Ugg Boots. Even men in make up fails to hit quite so high on the richter scale.