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Moosehead grooming products

By admin on October 30th, 2008

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<p>ose 1.jpgMark Turner Kiss and Makeup’s favourite metrosexual gives his verdict on the Moosehead range

Spending most of my supermarket time between the ‘save 3p on sticky, dented, own-brand, multipack cans of diet coke’ section and perusing what’s new in the 2 for 1 section, I’ve never been enticed into buying any Moose Head products (plus I go to Tesco and they’re at Sainsbury’s). So when someone thrust a handful of these my way I thought I would add my two cents worth.

The 3 products I’ve mainly been using are the Mellow Deo Spray, £2.49, Look Buff Face Scrub, £3.99 and Moose-Turising Face Hydrator, £4.99. My initial thoughts were the body spray and moisturiser are distinctly average. They do what they are supposed to do, no more no less with no fuss or excitement. The mellow spray has a flat, boring scent and the moisturiser is a standard, vitamin enriched, slightly greasy affair.

The face scrub is so good however, it has rapidly been promoted to the honourable position of face scrub most suitable for hangovers.

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G-Sus hoodie

By ShinyMedia on April 23rd, 2007

GsusFancy looking like a Mexican Wrestler on his day off? G-Sus have come up with their fancy Powermasters hoodie which comes in a fetching pink and turquoise colourway. It’s also got short sleeves, which is kind of kooky but actually quite sensible when you think about it. Warm but not stifling for the colder summer days and evenings. I give this the mark of a great hangover top; wverybody needs an amusing hangover top to lift their spirits when they’re feeling like something the dog sicked up, and I think this is a perfect one for the summer

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