Apple bans app developers from sharing HealthKit data with advertisers

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Some people might feel a bit wary of sharing personal information with app developers, especially when it’s related to the topic of health. Fortunately Apple has decreed that any app developers that will have access to information collected  by the upcoming Health Kit app are forbidden from selling it to advertisers, or any other third party who will use it …

The Galaxy Note 4’s UV sensor will say when you’re getting too much sun

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If leaks are to be believed, the UV sensor that is coming bundled with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 will inform users on the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. Functioning with the phone’s S Health app, the phone can give a numerical reading of how harmful the current conditions are. 0-2 is low risk, 3-5 is moderate, 5-7 is high, …

Stay healthy this winter: get your vitamin D

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With the winter months getting ever closer, we know how tempting it is to slip into hibernation mode. Baggy clothes, comfort food and general avoidance of the outdoors… let’s admit it, we’ve all been there. And If like us you, work in an office tied to your desk all day, falling into this routine is not hard. So to keep …

Manilow Manorexic- An Actual Fear or Tabloid Fodder?

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Last week’s diet poll obviously hit home for a lot of you- but in a way that I had not expected. I confess to being a guy who is conscious of my weight and I have dieted. I see nothing wrong with wanting to fit into a pair of skinny jeans but thought I was of a minority. However, that appears not to be the case; 57% of you voted that there was nothing wrong with watching your weight and had therefore dieted.