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Love the Look: Pastel knit scarf

By admin on April 27th, 2009

love the look hel ville.jpg

Ville, snapped by the Hel Looks team, has a stylish, easygoing look we love. A pair of skinny jeans and white hi-tops make up quite a basic outfit, but the addition of a pastel knit scarf gives the ensemble a feminine slant and is perfect for spring.
The grey trench adds to the delicate feel and the slouchy shape contrasts nicely with the slim silhouette.


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Love The Look: Lassi’s Steve Prefontaine inspired outfit

By admin on February 11th, 2009

lassi love the look fargo steve prefontaine.jpg

I’m a little bit in love with Lassi from Hel Looks today; the young Finn’s outfit isn’t that extraordinary but there is nonetheless something magical about it.

I think it’s the air of smalltown desperation which reminds me of William H Macy’s character in Fargo, the coat and cap which give off this impression are, of course, from Finnish charity shop UFF. Lassi himself says: “My style is inspired sport and political history of the 70′s and the 80′s, for example distance-runner Steve Prefontaine” which is probably one of the most brilliantly obscure references I’ve ever heard of. Hats off Lassi!


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Love the Look: Precociously Stylish

By admin on November 24th, 2008

love the look otto hel looks.jpg
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Otto may only be 15 but already this young Finn is mixing up eras and cultural references with dazzling verve.
The punk look would have been fairly run of the mill, were it not for the slicked back quiff and staid retro glasses which bring a bit of life to the look. Attempt a similar look by mixing styles from two different eras and finding a common cultural thread that unites them, like for instance mixng ’80s ska looks with ’50s teddy boy styles.


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Love the Look: Tommi on Hel Looks

By admin on October 29th, 2008

tommi hel looks love the look.jpg

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Twenty-two year old Josh Hartnett lookalike Tommi has put together a cracking outfit using some quite simple pieces. I like the tie tucked into the shirt to show off the new buttons he added.
The colour of the khakis is quite crucial to the look, in a more beige tone the outfit wouldn’t be as effective but the greenish hue of the trousers add interest. Note the rolled-up trouser legs, a quick and easy way to update your look. A word of warning though, don’t go too high or you’ll resemble London gig promoter Josh Weller (nice hair, shame about the trews).



Love the Look: Jaakko on Hel Looks

By admin on September 22nd, 2008

jaako hel looks love the look.jpg
It’s a simple look but Jaakko’s tonal outfit posted on Hel Looks a few days ago hits the fashion spot. Breaking up the monotony with a patterned scarf is a wise move and he shows that black and brown can be worn together (more about this soon) without incurring the wrath of the fashion gods. He namechecks Raf Simons, A.P.C and Surface to Air in his outfit rundown and on top of that he is rocking a pretty amazing moustache, bravo!

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