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Puma are bringing ’88 back

By admin on February 22nd, 2008

For some reason, it’s always been a chore
to find great plain items. That’s why, after god knows how many years, people
are still searching for the perfect white t-shirt. That search may have been
solved by American Apparel, but what about the perfect white High-tops?

Puma – our
most loved brand
– have sought to answer this question with their First
Round L’s
.  Puma clearly got bored
with getting fashion school students making 80′s knock offs and just started
releasing trainers from their 80′s catalogue instead – and their new range is
all the better for it. The First Round L’s are available from Puma’s website
and cost £60.

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Springcourt’s online store

By admin on February 8th, 2008

If you’ve heard of Springcourt trainers,
you’ll surely know that John Lennon wore a pair on the Abbey Road cover. What
you didn’??t know is that these are the most comfortable trainers ever. Fact. Wearing
a pair of these is the closest you’??ll get to walking on air without the aid of
mind-bending drugs.

Another fact that you may not know is that
Springcourt have an extensive range of high tops, all of which are available
from their e-shop. They even go
up to size 12, which suits big footed freaks like me. The extensive range of
colourways is beyond anything seen in any UK shop and 24 hour shipping only
costs £15. What the hell are you waiting for? Start getting some trainers.

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