Design your own hoodie with Champion’s Hoodie Remix

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America really has all the sweetest deals at the moment, they’ve got a sexy new pres, the Domino’s cheeseburger pizza, grape soda and now the land of opportunity is bringing you the opportunity to design your own hoodie. If customising your Nikes and creating your very own pair of Converse has left you wanting more then Champion’s Hoodie Remix is for you but unfortunately it’s only for the Yanks.

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adminDesign your own hoodie with Champion’s Hoodie Remix

Nike iD – Design your own trainers

If there’s one thing guaranteed to push the big red button marked "angry", its when a shop assistant tells me that something I’ve rejected because it doesn’t suit me is "supposed to look like that". Oh, these skin tight jeans are supposed to make me look like I’ve got a vagina are they? The sheer condescending arrogance of it – …

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adminNike iD – Design your own trainers