This jacket lets you listen to your headphones without muffled sound

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For those of you with a penchant for hoodies, owning a pair of headphones is a no-win scenario. On one hand you could wear them under your hood, but that’s uncomfortable and annoying. On the other you can wear them over your hood, but at the cost of listening to slightly muffled music. That’s no longer going to be a …

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5 Star Wars hoodies to help you scream “NooooOOooooOOoo!” at Disney deal

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Chewbacca is now owned by Disney. Boba Fett is now owned by Disney. Darth friggin Vader is now owned by Disney. We love The Lion King as much as the next person, but following Disney’s buyout of George Lucas’s Lucasfilm production company for $4.05 billion, is the Mouse House really the best place for ¬†Star Wars to live? We’re not …

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