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The best parody of The Smiths ever – from, err, Horrible Histories

By Stefano on June 12th, 2013

The BBC’s Horrible Histories has had some wonderful musical parodies in the past (the theory of evolution set to Bowie’s Changes springs to mind) but this one is something else. A chronological account of the life of Charles Dickens set to the music of The Smiths. It is spot on too. The level of detail is superb, the Morrissey style vocal mannerisms, the occasional sudden break, the funky Marr-esque guitar, they are all there.

It is about four Smiths songs in one but Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Know and This Charming Man feature prominently.

And don’t miss its excellent finale- and what is he doing with that Gladioli?

Oh, and isn’t that Al Murray on drums. Now that is what the licence fee is for.

More fantastic TV kids shows for adults here.

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The five best ever kids TV shows (for adults) – Press Gang, Horrible Histories and more

By Stefano on December 21st, 2012

So the BBC is finally pulling the plug on showing kids programmes on mainstream channels like BBC 1 and if you want to entertain your youngsters you’ll now have to plonk them in front of CBBC or any one of about a hundred US channels.

In the general scheme of things this matters very little. It does however give me a cheesy hook to highlight five great kids programmes that quite frankly are wasted on the little blighters.

These five are all solid gold viewing for adults – some intentionally so, others just because they offer a snapshot of a fascinating period of time.

The number one is a current programme and if you don’t have kids you quite probably know nothing about it.

What would you add to the list?

4 Horrible Histories

Picture 2 of 5
Picture 2 of 5

Now this is what the BBC does really, really well. If you have never caught it HH is a historically based comedy sketch show which is always informative and never less than very entertaining. The musical numbers in particular are often hilarious, but rather poignant too. For instance to illustrate Darwin's theory of Evolution they chose to parody the David Bowie song Changes in a very smart way. The Stupid Deaths routines in which the keeper of the gates of the after life highlights ridiculous ways in which people have died is quite superb. Many of the cast are familiar too - like Jim Howick, now best known for being Gerard - Mark's love rival for Dobby in Peep Show.

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