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What are the best features of the new iPhone?

By shinychris on January 21st, 2013

All in all it’s easy to think that once you’ve seen one mobile phone you’ve seen them all. In some cases this is sort of true. When it comes to innovation we haven’t seen anything truly ground breaking or world changing in a long time. What we are seeing now are lots of pointers and hints at which direction the world of the smart phone might be heading.

Apple’s latest addition to its mobile phone stable gives a few clues at what we might be able to expect from the next generation of smart phones. Here are a few ideas of what we might see:

1.            Larger screens: Apple have taken a while to reach the same conclusion as other manufacturers, but now that they have designed the new iphone with a larger screen it tends to make the other even larger handsets look bulky and wasteful. The four inch screen on the iPhone 5 seems perfectly proportioned when compared against others. It fits snugly in the hand but it is big enough to be able to watch wide screen movies without screen squish and the increased resolution means that words are easier to read and games are easier to play.

2.            Smaller case: We might yet see smart phones become small enough that we can wear them on our wrists. Indeed the only thing stopping this from becoming a reality is the requirement for such a large screen. But Apple has proved that it really is possible to put everything that a phone needs into a space that is smaller than a wallet.

3.            More robust operating system: The latest update to Apple’s iOS has brought a host of changes and tweaks that might not render anyone obsolete, but do a good job of giving other handsets a run for their money.

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London Thru Cafes

By Laura on December 31st, 2011

In a city like London it can sometimes be overwhelming trying to figure out where the best cafes are.

That is why here at Brandish we are absolutely obsessed with a app called London Thru Cafes. This beautifully designed app focuses on independent cafes and has lots of ideas for interesting things to do ranging from all the classic tourist attractions such as the Tate and Southbank, to hidden gems known only by locals.

The app features over two hundred original photos to bring entries to life, reviews,
plus all the essential information such as opening hours, off-line maps, nearby stations, access information, whether there’s Wi-Fi or gluten free options available and area write-ups to give a place context. There’s also information on which coffee and cake places serve. Best of all the app works off-line so you can browse your options while on the tube to your destination.

Whether you live in London or are just visiting, the London Thru Cafes app is definitely a must have.

Oh and did we mention it is Free for a limited time over Christmas?


Kenton Sorenson leather iphone and iPad cases

By Laura on February 9th, 2011

There are millions of cases for your various apple products available, but these ones by Kenton Sorenson have really caught my eye. The American-made leather holders are available for both the iPad and the iPhone 4. Both have minimal branding, top entry loading and a beautiful untanned aesthetic that is sure to darken and age beautifully.

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iSupr8: Make Ultra Hipster Videos With Your iPhone

By Laura on January 18th, 2011

If there is one thing that iPhone users apparently love its retro style apps. Both the Hipstamatic and Instagram apps take care of your photos, but what about your videos? They just look so modern and boring. Well get ready to rejoice the iSupr8 is about to fix this by applying a Super 8 filter to your iPhone’s video function.

The £1.99 app lets you record in 360p, 480p or 720p, and has shortcuts to export to your camera roll, share on Facebook and send via email. Check out the demo above.

First posted to Tech Digest


Give Your iPhone A Retro Makeover With The Polaroid iPhone Decal

By Laura on January 12th, 2011

Looking to give your iPhone a retro makeover? Then look no further than this awesome new Polaroid iPhone Decal from Photojojo. The decal will have your iPhone looking like an old Rainbow OneStep Polaroid Land camera in no time. For optimal effects, pair with retro apps such as the Hipstamatic.

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Brandish Does Boulevard: The Second Bout of Street Style!

By Will Reid on October 27th, 2008

This gallery showcases some of the hottest street style looks I’ve seen in quite a while. Granted, some of the photography is a bit shifty (and the background of sun-washed Camden during the summer is enough to provoke resentment from most Brits,) but these looks are on-trend and rival a lot of professionally styled magazine editorials.

Brandish loves street style and there will definitely be more to come in the next few months. Just prepare for rain drops on the camera lens.

Click on the image to start the gallery!

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Obama belt, the iPhone for your waist

By Jonathan Smith on October 9th, 2008


It has been a few weeks now since I last posted something Obama related, not that the fashion world hasn’t been punctuated almost daily with a new label pushing the Obama cause with some special edition T-shirt or sneaker- something that has been unheard of for any other Presidential Candidate. Could you really see Clinton’s face on the toe box of a Dunk? Neither can I, Monica Lewinsky’s box on the other hand… Ho-ho-ho, I jest. It has got to the stage now where you could have an entire weeks worth of wardrobe clad head to toe in top fashion brands bearing the visage of Barack.

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Brandish does Boulevard: Neal’s Yard

By Will Reid on August 8th, 2008

Here on Brandish we love a bit of sartorial realism. While Jason deals with cool buys and indie-labels, I tend to veer towards the bright lights of magazines and the high-octane glamour of ridiculously expensive items (WISHLIST anyone?) and the glossy adverts they inhabit.

I do love the high-street and so, with editor’s camera in hand and a trusty phone in the other (who knows what pickle one could get into asking for photos on the streets of Camden?) I set off to find London’s fashionistos.

Click on the image to start the gallery!

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