WISHLIST: A Closet Session with à la Fake Karl

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anna wintour and karl lagerfeld.jpg

Now this looks like my kind of party!

I feel like a horrible, disgusting sorry excuse for a fashion follower. Why am I bound by such emotional wounds? Why do I feel so sick-minded and wrong?

Answer: I want an invitation to Fake Karl’s closet. Yes, it’s true! I, Will Reid, couldn’t think of anything this week that could be desired more than a day of hanging upside down with Anna and Karl sipping our “respective drinks.”

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Issey Miyake Twelve 365 watch

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src=”http://www.brandish.tv/images/2008/02/28/miyake_watch_2.jpg” title=”Miyake_watch_2″ alt=”Miyake_watch_2″ style=”margin: 0px 5px 5px 0px; float: left;” />
Contrary to popular belief, Issey Miyake
does make items other than aftershave. His range of watches are quite popular
amongst those who can afford them (trust fund kids) and they’ve created several
innovative designs. The pick of the bunch is this twelve 365

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