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Valentine’s Day – the stuff he actually wants. Gadgets, clothes and more

By Stefano on February 6th, 2013

For her – It is Valentine’s Day in less than a week and your bloke is, as we speak, preparing an amazing day which involves chocolates, flowers, a candlelit meal and chapter seven of Fifty Shades of Grey.

The last time this level of planning went into anything they called it D-Day.  So shouldn’t you show him how much you love him? Forget the crap socks and that soppy card you were thinking about and get him what he really wants. Here are few ideas to help.

For him – Oops, you better get a move on, garage flowers won’t cut it again this year. Might be worth sticking this list in front of her – if you have been a good boy that is.

Marley Destiny Headphones £199

Picture 4 of 14
Picture 4 of 14

Top of the range noise canceling over ear phones from the company owned by reggae royalty - the Marley family. Superfi


features, Gadgets, Gallery

Stocking fillers – 2012′s 20 weirdest gadgets and gifts

By Stefano on November 29th, 2012

Ever wanted a pair of sunglasses that can shoot video? A USB based hand warming system? Or even a cushion that can moonlight as a remote control? Nope me neither. But I sure love reading about them.

Here then are 2012′s weirdest gadgets. Some are actually quite cool, others are borderline useful, but all are just plain weird.

Stockists under the gallery.


Electronic Guitar T shirt £29.99

Picture 1 of 20
Picture 1 of 20

Ok, it might just look like a black T shirt with a pretty naff design, but this is actually one of the hottest bloke gifts this Christmas. That's because that guitar print is (kind of) a real guitar which lets you play chords and strum along to your favourite rawk tunes. It even comes with a mini amp that apparently goes up to 11. If you are more Hot Chip than Van Halen there's also a drum machine kit in the range too.

Electronic Guitar

Table Tennis

Camper Van

Viper R/C copter

USB hand warmer

Shower curtain


Bluetooth shower speaker

Bike Light

Remote Pillow

Camera Lens Mug


Baby suit

Video sunglasses

iPad joystick


Self-stirring mug

Thumbs Up

iPad retro music centre



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