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Dressing well in the festive periods

By shinychris on December 19th, 2012

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When it comes to dressing to impress during the festive season there are a number of different styles to go for, as well as a few that should be avoided at all costs. The most important thing is confidence, if you feel good in what you’re wearing it’ll show and you’ll look great too.

Dress for the occasion

Tailor what you’re wearing to what you’re doing. If it’s for you work Christmas party then jeans and a shirt are always a good option. Stick to smarter cuts and shades with dark jeans being the safest choice. If you want to put your own stamp on it then pick a shirt that shows your personality, or a funky belt. Don’t forget, smart shoes are a must! When picking from the variety of men’s shirts available stick to a colour you feel good in, there’s no point going for the latest trend if it doesn’t suit you!

For Christmas day with the family dress smartly but comfortably. There’s nothing worse than feeling restricted after your Christmas dinner. If you’re just doing some shopping then a cardigan or jacket is a good choice with jeans and canvas trainers. Smart but casual at the same time, you’ll look great and feel it too!

Pick a style and stick to it

Don’t try to mix too many different styles at once, it’s a recipe for disaster. Even the most fashion forward of guys find it difficult to get right. Whether you’re dressing alternative, fashionably or just in a style that suits you, choose neutral colours with one signature shade. For example if you pick a shirt with a red stripe, then don’t mix another colour in. Stick to dark trousers and a tie with a red accent in it where necessary.

Get the right fit

Getting clothes that fit well is absolutely essential, it’s a sure fire way to look and feel good. A too tight shirt or trousers that are too short will ruin even the sharpest style. Get properly measured or stick to a brand that you know fits you well and offers a wide range of options. If you’re into branded gear then make sure they carry your size too.

Overall, getting the best in festive style is just like any time of the year, make sure you feel great, it fits well and suits the occasion and you can’t go far wrong. Confidence always shines through so as long as you feel good and there are no glaring faux pas’ then it’ll show. If you’re not so into fashion then don’t try to get ‘the latest trend’, just nod to it. Otherwise you’ll feel uncomfortable and that shows too. Stick to wearing an on trend colour, or cut of jeans for example for a simple way to get the look.

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Freddie Flintoff teams up with Jacamo to offer smart menswear for the British Summer

By shinychris on July 9th, 2012

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Yet again, summer is proving to be as unpredictable as ever with endless downpours, freak winds and everything in-between. And when a rare sunny spell does come, it catches you quite by surprise on a day when you’ve taken a smart mac and umbrella with you. Typical.

When you don’t know what the weather is going to do from one day to the next, how on earth are you supposed to know what to wear in the morning? Summer used to be the time when we enjoyed ditching our suits for a more relaxed look and this is especially true for larger and taller men, who welcomed the chance to pull on a more comfortable T-shirt.

So what is a man to do? Well, with a bit of smart dressing, you can select outfits that will look good in any weather conditions. Take inspiration from cricketer Freddie Flintoff – after years of rain stopping play when he played for Lancashire and England, he won’t let a few rainclouds ruin his day, or his fashion sense.

With his smart yet casual look, Freddie always looks dapper and at 6ft 4in, he proves that taller men can find good smart clothes that fit them without having to resort to an ill-fitting T-shirt or baggy jeans. Freddie recently teamed up with men’s fashion store Jacamo, which specialises in clothes for larger and taller men, and his range includes a check shirt and smart navy polo shirt that would be suited to all types of British weather. You could team either of these tops with smart jeans or trousers for a stylish look that would be perfect for a night out or your work’s dress-down day.

You could also take Freddie’s lead and team a smart black suit with a grey T-shirt. Choose tees with a high-quality finish in a jersey fabric for a more designer look and when selecting your suit, pick lightweight materials so you won’t be too hot if the temperature rises.

Chinos are very fashionable this summer and they will also suit wet or sunny weather, while on-trend loafers or boat shoes will add a stylish summer touch to your outfits even on the cloudiest of days.

Whatever your size and whatever the weather, you can still look your best by making smart fashion choices – and you’ll turn far more heads than you would have done in that baggy T-shirt.


Jacamo’s stylish menswear for big fellas

By Ashleyn on September 14th, 2010

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If you are a big fella you’ll know how tricky bit can be sometimes to buy stylish clothes made my your favourite brands. That’s where Jacamo can help. No ordinary menswear collection Jacamo has items from over 40 top brands ranging from Southbay’s knitwear through to Nickelson’s funky polo shirts and Ben Sherman’s classic tops. Best of all some are in sizes that are exclusive to Jacamo.


Perfect for autumn is this always stylish Southbay Reefer coat. No matter how tall and wide you are Large Menswear from Jacamo has great large menswear for you.

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