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GQ Style: the Brit publication goes All-American

By Colin Chapman on March 27th, 2009

Issue 8 of GQ Style magazine is now on the stands. And from the Warhol-esque cover onwards it’s an All-American edition. Inside, Terry Richardson photographs (himself naturally) but also shiny, happy President Obama. We get to read about why New York is so buzzing right now when it comes to menswear – a view I’d really endorse.

There are also some serious analyses of American fashion classics from the button-down to the white T-shirt to the chino pant. To illustrate the chino piece, they use a cracking image of James Dean in East of Eden – an iconic image that seems obvious until you look at the details and see how prescient they were – the loose chino pant, pale sweater and white plimsolls look so very contemporary. Not to mention the hair – quite timely with height and volume becoming desirable again. So if you’re working on your quiff or want to swot up on the origins of your wardrobe basics go straight to the source via GQ Style’s America Now issue.

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You Would If You Could: Denim Like Dean

By Will Reid on April 3rd, 2008

jamesdeandenim.JPGPoor Daniel Bedingfield- he crooned about his ability to be James Dean and next thing he knew he was blown out of the entertainment water by his own sister.

One thing that you will often hear fashionistos refer to is the latest ‘future classic.’ I have a problem with this term because despite its easy applicability I believe it is impossible to predict what will become a classic, an icon, a materialistic pleasure that will go on to represent an entire generation. James Dean filled this gap and from the word rebel he was the epitome of youthful cool, pulling denim off with tremendous aplomb.

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D.I.E Sale Alert!

By admin on March 6th, 2008

Just as D.I.E’s spring range seeps into
shops, the official Denim is
Everything site
has extended their sale by a week, So you can spend all
payday money on important stuff, like t-shirts. The site’s sale archive is extensive,
with shirts dating back to the Autumn/Winter 2005 collection.

The shirts are also available in a colour
range that nearly rivals American Apparel, meaning you can finally get that ‘too young to d.i.e’ shirt in pink and purple, instead of boring old white and black. The
sale lasts until the end of this week and supersonic delivery (I assume that
means next day) costs £6.50 regardless of how many items you’re buying. 

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