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New Era Japan WM-01 Waterproof Collection

I have really noticed a change in the weather in the last few days, and as a cyclist have had more rainy commutes than dry. While a waterproof jacket is essential, I have found myself also looking for a waterproof cap to help make the commute just a bit nicer. However, you try finding a waterproof hat that doesn’t look …

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LauraNew Era Japan WM-01 Waterproof Collection

Hackett London launches ‘Hope’ polo shirt to aid victims of the Tohoku Earthquake in Japan

As we all know on Friday 11th March 2011 a 9.0 magnitude earthquake and destructive tsunami caused extensive and severe damage in Northeastern Japan leaving thousands of people confirmed dead, injured or missing and millions more affected by the lack of water, electricity and transportation. Over the past few weeks we have seen people all over the world coming together …

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LauraHackett London launches ‘Hope’ polo shirt to aid victims of the Tohoku Earthquake in Japan

WISHLIST: Bape ‘Panda’ Hoodie


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This season is one of continued focus on shape; the tulip skirt, the peplum, the over-sized collar. I have always leaned towards a slimmer-fit for hoodies and trousers but this season I plan to try something new. This ‘Panda‘ hoodie from Bape fits the bill perfectly, it is quite baggy and voluminous but it has a fitted waist resulting in a highly fashionable silhouette.

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Will ReidWISHLIST: Bape ‘Panda’ Hoodie

Custom Levi’s from… Levi’s!


Hitting you up with some more Levi’s action, this time from Japan. Levi’s Japan has launched a new service for all of those who wanted custom jeans straight out the box. Following in the footsteps of Nike I.D it is now possible to get custom jeans direct from Levi’s with the ability to pick the cut, wash, wear, and details such as rivet colour and paint spatters.

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Jonathan SmithCustom Levi’s from… Levi’s!