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GOOD BEARD, BAD BEARD: Is facial hair sexy?

By Gerald Lynch on March 14th, 2012

Razors at the ready folks; a new scientific study claims to have proven that your chin chaff is about as attractive as draping a mangy cat over your face and then combing yesterday’s porridge through it.

OK, so that may be a tad extreme, but there’s a fair amount of research backing up the anti-beard brigade this time. Haven’t we spent the last few years following in the footsteps of bands like Kings of Leon and Fleet Foxes with a “back to nature” look? What else goes with the wardrobe full of plaid shirts and hunting accessories we’ve all been collecting for the last half a decade?

Without going too deep into the specifics of the Behavioural Ecology journal, which has re-ignited the debate, cultivating all that fur seems to have been for naught. The journal’s researchers asked 127 New Zealand females and 100 ladies of Polynesian decent from Samoa for their opinions on the facial hair of 10 men each from their own race (apparently the island of Samoa hasn’t been all that westernised over the years, and produces good subjects in terms of those who haven’t been too influenced by western media views on beauty). Though the Samoan test subjects were more forgiving, on the whole, the study showed that beards are out.

The conclusions drawn were, as you’d expect, a hodge-podge of evolutionary theory (there was mention of the importance of lions’ manes at one point!), finding that, on the whole, beards merely “augment perceptions of men’s age, social status, and aggressiveness, but not attractiveness”.

On the totally non-scientific filpside however, having a chat with my female friends suggested that the blokes used as bearded/non-bearded examples in the study weren’t exactly Brad Pitt to begin with, which may go some way towards explaining why so few found the guys attractive in the first place.

Which compelled us to do a short study of our own. Called “Good Beard, Bad Beard” we’ve pulled together a handful of celebrities who, for better or worse, have donned or dashed facial hair over the course of their careers.

Scroll down for our verdict on their beardy looks!

Thom Yorke - GOOD BEARD

Picture 9 of 10
Picture 9 of 10

Sporting as many looks as the musical styles he’s dabbled with, Radiohead’s Thom Yorke has what we affectionately refer to as a “quirky” face. We far prefer his more recent beardy looks than his young peroxide blonde locks, with the facial hair unusually giving him both a more refined look during interviews and even more eccentricity on stage. He’s got a ponytail though right now, and that’s just not acceptable. The Karma Police will be knocking on his door for that travesty pretty soon we’d imagine.



Has Joaquin Phoenix stolen your facial hair?

By admin on April 2nd, 2009

joaquin phoenix stole my style bruce willis bonnie prince billy.jpg

Celebs sporting an excessive amount of facial hair are not a new thing, but when you spot ‘Joaquin Phoenix Stole My Style’ groups on Facebook you know these celebs are getting hairier.
Witness Bonnie Prince Billy on the Culture Show recently, being interviewed by a sweetly nervous Lauren Laverne. His bushy beard was kept in two bunches, a look which is a first for me but I sincerely hope this catches on! Bruce Willis is another to let the facial fur flow, his bearded look for ‘What Just Happened?’ is actually pretty good.

Are you growing yourself some celeb-style facial furniture, or even starting Facebook groups about it? Let us know on our Facebook Wall!


A warning from Brandish: Man Clips

By Jonathan Smith on January 14th, 2009


Remember a few years ago when it was all the rage amongst so called “men” to wear hair bands and scrape back their long greasy hair? Yeah me too and it looks like dark times are upon us once again as images of a very bearded Joaquin Phoenix sporting some “man clips” are floating around the information super highway. Like anything in the fashion world prefixed with the word “man” it looks and is a bag of crap, nothing angers me more than idiotic man-hair with the possible exception of men in Ugg Boots, even men in make up fails to hit quite so high on the richter scale.

If this turns into a fully blown trend then I will go postal.

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