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Jordan Talks, I Cringe…

By Will Reid on April 29th, 2008

pete.jpgNow how do I say this?

Last night I was watching Katie & Peter: The Next Chapter for business purposes of course, and I was faced with this rather challenging quote. Challenging? Peter Andre?

Yes I know, these two words are rarely seen in the same sentence but when you hear this I’m sure you will understand.

“I adore Pete’s look…He looks like a big gay guy…I think guys should look immaculate…You know, completely hairless and all- Pete calls it the boy band look.”

Thanks for that Jordan- I’ll be sure to come to you for advice next time I have to choose between the Diet Butcher and the Dior Homme.

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“Love Is Blind…” – True Or False?

By Will Reid on April 4th, 2008

vanity.JPGEveryone has had that person they wanted to impress; the girl, the guy, the parent, the boss. And what better medium than fashion? Whether it’s the Louboutin slutty-stiletto (for the girls let me say) or one of Armani’s finest suits, the right look can make or break a first date.

So when Mick Jagger, a living legend with everything but height and anti-wrinkle cream on his side, took his fiancée L’Wren Scott (6′ 4″ to Mick’s 5′ 10″) to the premiere of ‘Shine a Light’ (the Rolling Stones’ new ‘rockumentary’) it was clear that he felt the need to give himself a bit of a sartorial boost. So how true is it that “love isn’t finding a perfect person, it’s seeing an imperfect person perfectly?”

Read on for more celeb examples and rather mean imagery.

(Image Source: Getty/ Pacific Coast News/Get Lippy)

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