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Flight of the Conchord’s Bret McKenzie and his retro jumpers

By admin on July 4th, 2008

bret mckenzie sweatshirt jumper flight of the conchords.jpg
Watching Flight of the Conchords the other night I was struck by just how many comedy retro jumpers Bret McKenzie wears. From ’80s sweatshirts with Arctic wolves and pine trees to snowflake pattern woolly nan jumpers the Kiwi comedian has got his bases covered.

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French Connection marl Tivity knit

By admin on June 23rd, 2008

french connection marl jumper.jpgThe marl effect of this fine gauge khaki jumper is nice way of adding some subtle texture to an outfit.

Team with a white t-shirt, white canvas pumps and a pair of tailored grey trousers for a simple office outfit. Alternatively for a more fashion-forward look team the jumper with toning neutrals in greys and khakis. Lightweight (but not combat!) trousers in greenish grey will look great teamed with utilitarian accessories like an army knapsack or a surply army t-shirt. The ‘Tivity’ jumper will set you back £50 from French Connection.

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Bill Cosby wants you to buy his jumpers

By admin on June 4th, 2008

bill cosby jumper auction ennis charity ebay.jpg
With the hippin’ and the hoppin’ and the bippin’ and the boppin’… I love Bill Cosby, even in his awful film Ghost Dad he is endearing. So why doesn’t anyone want his jumpers?
The NY Times describes the one in the middle as ‘the Saved by the Bell theme song in knitted form’ and they’re not wrong. Cosby has donated his jumpers to raise money for the educational organisation set up after the death of his son Ennis Cosby. The jumpers represent the pinnacle of ’80s excesses in knitwear at their fit-inducing best and as such I’m quite surprised no one has bid yet.
It might have something to do with the $5,000 starting price but hey, the postage is free!


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WISHLIST: Chanel Resort Jumpers

By Will Reid on May 19th, 2008

chanel.jpgResort season is always a bit of a drag for me; overly-frivolous (yes I see the haute-couture irony) and just another season to get my head around, the jump from cashmere coats to cruise is always too much. Karl Lagerfeld’s show for Chanel was proving nauseatingly frilly and I would challenge any British man not to feel melancholic at the sight of a male model in pink tie-dye. That was until Brad Koenig swaggered down the runway wearing that Chanel jumper. You may think that referring to a item as that only three days after it made its debut might be slightly forward but it’s cashmere, a jumper, Chanel and now on Brandish’s WISHLIST. Need I say more?

Lookout for more coverage of male resort looks this week on Brandish.

(Image Source: Marcio Madeira)


J.Lindeberg Jumper

By admin on March 27th, 2008

jl jumper.jpg

Urban Outfitters have taken their sweet time getting their online store the same amount of brands as their physical store but they got there in the end. Now they have brands like D.I.E, Surface to Air, Filippa K and this J.Lindeberg jumper.

Whilst it does look slightly unremarkable in this picture, the blue colour they’ve used is a lot more vibrant than it appears in the picture. It’s an odd shade, somewhat between electric and navy blue and the piece stands out purely because it’s a shade you won’t have seen before.  At £80, it’s only slightly more expensive than a Lyle & Scott tee and you won’t have to suffer the indignity of some pie eating slob wearing the same top as you.


Lukesville Jumper – it’s not a stupid purchase, it’s an investment

By admin on March 14th, 2008

Why am I writing about thick knitwear when
spring is around the corner, I hear you all pre-emptively ask. The answer is
because it’s a great investment. As our departed Tim said, the
chunky knitwear trend is one that has legs. So why not invest in this Lukesville

Cream is a hot colour right now, but it’s a
colour that’s unlikely to go out of fashion anytime soon. So you won’t feel
like you’re wearing one of those awful faddy colours. At £49 it’s pretty much
wholesale price, so you can’t really ask for more of a bargain. Well,
technically you could ask, but you wouldn’t get one.


Ralph Lauren Pima Cotton v-neck

By admin on March 5th, 2008

Rl_jumper The sun is finally here. The heat, however,
isn’t.  This leaves everyone in that familiar
‘too hot for a thick jumper/too cold for just a t-shirt’ scenario. The solution
to this would be a light jacket layered with a thin jumper, like this pima
cotton v-neck

This jumper is thin without being
see-through (unlike those awful All Saints versions of this design), and you
can always roll it up – which is the main trend this summer, for tops and
trousers – when the weather gets a little hot. This top is available in the
Ralph Lauren online store for $97.50. They don’t ship to the UK though, so you
may have to visit your local boutique.

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DETAILS March 2008-Hayden Christensen

By Will Reid on February 21st, 2008

HaydenchristensendetailsThe latest issue of Details proves that this is a magazine for the fresh faces and rising stars. From Daniel Radcliffe in leather to Jonathan Rhys Meyers in too-tight jersey, we now have another young star who’s set to be a success. And after what feels like forever, we have a subtle cover which just oozes cool (did anyone else find Radcliffe’s ‘tache slightly scary?) Mr Christensen sails dangerously close to the James Dean stereotype but has just enough personality to pull it of without leaving the reader feeling as if they should watch the publicised film/line/fragrance out of pity. The photo-spread is dark, unshaven and unapologetic. Hayden appears determined not to fall into the pretty-boy category and this allows you to think he’s cool without feeling guilty. Inside, we have articles on Somalian gangs, Hollywood smiles, a How-to on Divorce and an interesting looking article on that age-old question- Does size matter? Prepare yourselves for this, it look set to be big.

See after the jump for more of Hayden’s shoot.

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Acne Antwerp Jumper in Laundry Room Sale

By admin on January 16th, 2008

7040It seems a little bonkers to be writing about this Winter’s collections at the same time as those from next Winter, but that’s the crazy mixed up world of fashion for you. What can you do?
This jumper is down to a mere £42 from the Laundry Room. Originally priced at £120, that’s a whopping erm… calculator…. 65% off. This thick knit round neck has little buttons on the hem which just add to its snugglyness. This is the kind of jumper which make girls want a cuddle, guaranteed (legal notice: this is guarantee is for the purposes of humour only).


Cable knit jumper Momomall

By admin on January 11th, 2008


Cable knit is a great thing, it really is. Especially if it comes for $35. I mean what’s that in British money? 25p!?
Once you’ve paid the postage it works out at £26. That’s nothing! You want one? I’ll get you one. Have two. (Please note, I do not mean this).
This and other such bargains are yours from Yes Style, a website which gives you access to Asian labels which aren’t available in the rest of the world. This cable knit comes from a South Korean label called Momomall. Strangely it only comes in one size, but the measurements are all on the website so that should see you right.


John Smedley V-neck jumper

By admin on January 8th, 2008

Judging from the price drops at Asos, the
John Smedley collection isn’t selling very well. Originally at £100, it first
dropped to £50, now it’s dropped to a lowly
. I’m not surprised. Smedley’s uniqiue selling point was that Sean
Connery wears it. So what? He’s well into his 70′s now and his Bond days
were a long, long time ago. Not to mention terrible. Just like all Bond films.

But to get back on topic, this jumper is a
good staple piece; it’s well made, has soft cotton and fits well. Most
importantly, it’s at a price where it’s actually value for money, which is a
surprise for a John Smedley piece.


How to fold a jumper

By admin on December 17th, 2007

Stripy_jumperuniqWith all the clothes that we recommend to
you, we feel it’s only fair that we show you how to look after the clothes once
you’ve got them. As you may or may not know, you’re not supposed to put jumpers
on hangers. Doing so eventually widens the neck and gives it lumps, losing its
original fit. When you’ve got a lovely jumper like Uniqlo’s stripy nautical knit (reduced to
£14.99) you want it to last as long as you can. With that in mind we’ve decided to show you how to fold a jumper.

After the jump, There’s a text summary of how
to fold a jumper and a Harold Bishop look-a-like
guiding you through each step. [Via]

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Granddad jumpers: who wins the war?

By admin on December 13th, 2007


Now that V-necks are the norm, you’ll need
to go that extra mile to stand out in a jumper. The granddad design look on
your jumper is probably too kerrazy for most people, which means it’ll be
perfect for the fashion forward.

Just how far can you go? Well that’s the
question that no-one in particular is asking me. I’m going to answer it
anyway. The Junk
De Luxe jumper
(top right) is more of a striped jumper than a design one,
but it’s getting there. You may have to team this with a shirt and tie to pull
off the full effect.

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U by Umbro v-neck jumper

By ShinyMedia on April 27th, 2007

The mention of Umbro usually makes me recoil slightly but their Kim Jones range has updated the brand’s look immeasurably. Their U by Umbro range is similarly refreshing, one of my favourite pieces is their v-neck jumper from Asos (£55), which cleverly uses the diamond-shaped Umbro logo as a subtle pattern. I also like the unusual combo of sludgy neutrals and peach, which will ensure you stand out from the crowd.

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John Smedley jumper

By ShinyMedia on April 25th, 2007

John_smedFine knit jumpers are great for layering and much smarter than a hoodie, and very useful this time of year. John Smedley is perhaps the king of men’s knitwear, producing quality pieces that will last for years. This subtly striped Lambeth jumper in Waterloo colour combo is 100% cotton which will keep you cool and features a flattering v-neck. It will set you back £114, but quality doesn’t come cheap; this is a cassic piece well worth the investment.

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