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Katharine Hamnett’s Save Our Sea t-shirt

By admin on August 14th, 2008

save_the_sea.jpgEco designer extraordinaire Katharine Hamnett has turned the focus of her attention to the aquatic world with her latest collection (well, ‘slogan’), which bears the legend ‘Save the Sea’.

“We get 98% of our oxygen from the sea; the sea is dying because of pollution and environmental degradation”, warns Hamnett, who has created the new range of oversized (it’s an ’80s thing) tops in association with the Environmental Justice Foundation’s campaign against a practice called pirate fishing, which I’m sad to say involves neither dressing up or Johnny Depp.

Visit Hippyshoppper to find out more, including where to purchase the eco tee.

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WISHLIST: Henry Holland ‘Lives not Knives’ T-shirt

By Will Reid on July 28th, 2008

livesnotknives.jpgKnife crime has reached an unbelievable height in Britain and with the murder of Ben Kinsella, the seventeenth teenager to die as a result of knife crime in London this year, Grazia has launched their ‘Lives for Knives’ campaign. As part of the campaign, the magazine has got Henry Holland, Katharine Hamnett and Sophia Kokosalaki on board to design t-shirts as well as laying a set of Five Government Demands.

On my WISHLIST is Henry Holland’s design, an electric-blue t-shirt with striking design and bold lettering. One size fits all and all proceeds go to the Ben Kinsella Foundation, a charity set up for the prevention of future knife-crime. I couldn’t think of a more worthy summer buy.

T-shirt, Exclusively at Matches, £36

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Misericordia – Sportswear goes ethical

By admin on February 21st, 2008


(Click on image for larger picture)

It’s not often you find a brand that would
make Danny Dyer and Katharine Hamnett happy, but Misericordia would do just

Hailing from Peru, Misericordia
are a sportswear label who make all their items in non-sweatshop conditions
using only organic materials. Everything about the brand is done in-house -
an amazing feat in itself – and one workman makes one item from start to finish.
The clothes are real nice too. Their range is available exclusively at Elements.


Tesco summer basics

By ShinyMedia on April 23rd, 2007


Tesco have got some great summer basics that are simple and deceptively expensive looking and will look great teamed with some of your old favourites. The linen knitted shirt has a quirky texture that will make it stand out, and the 3/4 length trousers are a great compromise between the very fashionable knee high tailored shorts and slightly passé cropped cargo pants. Lastly the baby blue button up polo from Katharine Hamnett’s E range is a very flattering colour, and will look great with navy and white. See after the jump for details and links.

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