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Competition: win Kickers X Modern Toss trainers

By admin on April 10th, 2009

modern toss kickers collaboration.jpg

Foul-mouthed funmongers Modern Toss have teamed up with Kickers to produce Random bandits, a series of animated shorts. The first film has already been released at the Kickers MySpace, and the remaining two are available to view on the 20th April and 5th May.

One half of the duo Mick Bunnage, said: “It’s not everyday you get asked to work with a piece of iconic footwear is it? We were also impressed to discover that the history of the Kickers brand centred on French students lobbing bricks at each other in the late 1960′s.” Explaining the features of the shoe he said: “We’ve done a top notch Kick Hi ‘red’ with two flies licking the stitching and exchanging a topical observation. We’ve ordered a pair each already. Tasty!”

We’ve got five of the pairs of Modern Toss Kick Hi available, jump through to find out how to win…

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Kickers team up with Chromeo and Lovebite for some Fancy Footwork

By admin on December 18th, 2008

kickers fancy footwork chromeo css lovebite video buzzcocks buzzkicks jarvis cocker casual cockers.jpgBuzzcocks ‘Buzzkicks’: £80, Kick Hi Lumberjack: £70.

Brand hyping is usually dull PR fluff but at a Kickers presentation yesterday I learnt some Very Interesting Things I Didn’t Know Before. Here they are:

  • It was started in France in ’68 (which has special significance) by Daniel Raufast who wanted something for hippies to wear on their feet.
  • Famous Kickers wearers include David Bowie, Buzzcocks and Ian Brown. The shoes enjoyed a renaissance in the late ’80s on the casuals scene -which I’d put money on making a return very soon btw.
  • Jarvis Cocker wore Kickers so much the company made him a special pair which were dubbed ‘Cockers’.

The company installed a shed around UK festivals where you show off your moves and ended up in an amazing stop-frame vid made by Lovebite, aka Nottingham duo Nick Cobby and Allan Buxton, soundtracked by a nice little CSS remix of Chromeo‘s Fancy Footwork. Phew! If you’re not intrigued after that little intro then you’re dead, the video after the jump.

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