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Blaze – a genius bike light – gets funded by Kickstarter

By Stefano on December 21st, 2012

There has been some good stuff on crowdfunding site Kickstarter this year but this might just be the best so far. The BLAZE Bike Light is an innovative light for urban cyclists that aims to tackle one of the biggest causes of cycling fatalities – being caught in the blind spot and vehicles turning across an unseen bike.

The theory runs that most cyclists are hit when they are travelling straight ahead and a vehicle maneuvers into them, largely due to their small footprint and position on the road.

What Blaze does is project a symbol of a bike down the round up to five metres in front of the cyclist, so that anyone in a car, or more likely a lorry or van, can see that there is a cyclist behind them.

It has been developed by Emily Brooke and was originally put on Kickstarter with a funding fee of £25,000. It closes tomorrow and already has over £50,000 in pledges. Emily came up with the idea while a student in Brighton and she worked with Brighton & Hove City Council, Brighton & Hove Bus Company, road safety experts and driving psychologists to develop the concept.

If you want to to get one now you will need to pledge at least £60. They use a 1500mAh rechargeable lithium cells (though exploring the use of larger cells) and with the LED light plus the laser module on constant, the current prototypes last up to 6 hours. If you use flashing mode, they will last up to 12 hours.

I am sure we will get an update about further availability shortly.

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The ultimate pen – Ajoto hits Kickstarter

By Stefano on December 7th, 2012

We don’t tend to use pens too much these days. I personally archive things on my iPad and my phone so I can access them digitally and the days of recording everything in a notebook are long gone.

The theory goes though that if you are going to use a pen you might as well have a decent one, which is why we like the Ajoto Project, which has just hit Kickstarter, so much.

Basically the company lets you put together your very own pen choosing different elements which have been carefully sourced and apparently very good quality. So you choose your pen bod – will you go aluminium or will you go brass? – and then the pen’s tops and finally the packaging and they type of refill you require (rollerball or ballpoint?). prices start at around £60.

The Ajoto team says that the pens are also designed to ‘reduce waste and eradicate the use of harmful chemicals from everything we do. We have worked hard to use materials which are recyclable and can be traced to their source.’

The Kickstarter page is here.


Manuka redesigns the belt – now with added magnets

By Stefano on December 5th, 2012

Here’s a classic Brandish story. It combines style, technology and our favourite website Kickstarter, which pretty much sums up what we are all about.

Anyhow, belts, as you know, are fairly boring affairs. Not in terms of style but in the way they work with buckles and holes. This design revolutionises the boring common belt, making it smoother and simpler. Instead of a buckle and holes mechanism, the Manuka Belt uses a series of powerful magnets. According to Manuka they mix the material and then magnetise it to give it its unique properties.

Rather than the fastening clasp, the two sides of the belt are held together by the powerful magnetic force. And the magnets are pretty powerful they will take well over 20 pounds of force before they budge, which should it theory be more than enough to keep your trews in place.

Anyway the belt is on Kickstarter and the agency behind it needs to raise £22k. They are already well on their way and scored 50 backers within an hour of launch. The belts start at around £20 and there are various different types and designs and you can see them all on the Kickstarter page.

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