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James Mollison’s The Disciples exhibition

By admin on June 20th, 2008

[Top row: Fans at a Klaxons concert. Bottom row: Fans at a Bob Dylan concert]

Have you ever replicated your favourite musical icon’s style? When I was younger, I wanted to dress like Curtis Mayfield, but couldn’t find the right clothes (I’d never heard of a vintage store back then). It’s probably for the best, as dressing like this when everyone was into So Solid Crew wouldn’t have been the best idea. This James Mollision exhibition features people who have styled themselves on their idols and is called The Disciples.

Focusing on everyone from 50 Cent to Bob Dylan, the exhibition showcases how devoted fans are influenced by their idols’ style and how far they’ll go to replicate it.


Cassette Playa A/W07 collection

By Isabelle on March 23rd, 2007


Cult clothing label Cassette Playa have made a video showcasing their latest collection. Carrie Mundane, the brains behind the operation is apparently very busy working and playing computer games which goes to explain the pixelated characters and day-glo colours of her clothing range. She tells FUK on video that her clothes are like "going inside a computer game, you’re playing it so much you become the game." Mundane has worked as a stylist for M.I.A and dresses bands like the Klaxons and Trash Fashion.

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