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Futureheads’ Barry Hynde joins waistcoat gang

By admin on December 2nd, 2008

barry hynde futureheads waistcoat.jpg
The saga of how to wear your waistcoat is reaching epic proportions and I hear there are plans to make the story into a musical in 2012.
You might have to endure a few Boyzone tunes but that’s no big deal when you also have TV on the Radio to sing along to, and now the Futureheads are getting in on the act. Vocalist Barry Hynde sported a subdued combo of black waistcoat and grey t-shirt for their gig at the Astoria in London.

[Image: Tom Watkins/Rex Features ]

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Roger Daltrey shows waistcoats who’s Who

By admin on October 28th, 2008

roger daltrey who concert waistcoat ontario canada.jpg

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Roger Daltrey is the latest in our famous waistcoat wearers, after Boyzone, Daniel Radcliffe and TV on the Radio’s Kyp Malone before him.

Appearing onstage with the rest of The Who in Canada recently he was sporting said waistcoat, fine weave shirt, black jeans and black motorcycle boots. What do you think, is the outfit a success or a flop? Take our poll after the jump!

Sipa Press/Rex Features

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TV on the Radio’s ‘Dancing Choose’ video

By admin on October 23rd, 2008

We’ve already featured the stylish Kyp Malone of TV on the Radio on Brandish, but the band deserve a full mention with their latest video for ‘Dancing Choose’. It features a dizzying collage of Constructivism-inspired shapes and has an ’80s Art of Noise feel, check it out!

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TV on The Radio’s Kyp Malone shows us how to wear a waistcoat

By admin on October 1st, 2008

kyp malone jools holland tv on the radio.jpg
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TV on the Radio sort of passed me by, I always thought they were one of those generic indie ‘four boys and a guitar’ type bands but listening to tracks from their latest album ‘Dear Science’ I realised the error of my ways.

Just in time too, as I spotted Kyp Malone recording for Jools Holland’s show. That bushy but neat beard, those round tortoiseshell glasses, that guitar strap and the gold print tee… Finally! A man who knows how to wear a waistcoat, a great example to us all. Shame Boyzone aren’t TV on the Radio fans.

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