QPR – Redknapp to raid the MLS for loan deals?

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QPR fans will be having mixed feelings as to how their Premier League campaign has gone so far. The beginning of the season saw them and Burnley fighting it out for the bottom position of the table but now QPR’s victory over Burnley on Saturday has lifted them out of the relegation zone to 17th with 14 points from 15 …

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David Beckham strikes a pose for Adidas

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Blaps! David Beckham’s new pictures for a campaign for Adidas makes him look like a wannabe gangster rapper, but more Vanilla Ice than Eminem. Don’t you think his leg looks really hairy? This is probably an attempt to rebrand him for the American market, ahead of his multi-million-dollar move to join ‘soccer’ team L.A. Galaxy this summer. Safe blud etc.

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David Beckham to be face of L’Oreal haircare?

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David Beckham has been reportedly offered a £10 million contract to be the face L’Oreal. Selling hair products will no doubt enhance his status in LA where he’s playing in Los Angeles Galaxy. It won’t be the first time David Beckham has lent his famous name to advertising, he has also been associated with Gillette and Brylcreem, and has appeared …

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