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b Store lace up Chelsea boots from Farfetch

By admin on October 30th, 2008

b store mario boots farfetch.jpg

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Combining a lace up with a Chelsea boot doesn’t sound like the smartest move but this B Store shoe is marvellously executed.

In a fetching tan colour the ‘Mario’ boot teams the smart good looks of a lace up with the rugged durability of a boot and will keep you looking stylish all winter. It’s also available in black and at £199 isn’t cheap but a well-made leather boot like this is a great investment.


Alden cordovan lace-up boots from Browns

By admin on September 29th, 2008

alden cordovan lace boots browns.jpg
DMs are back in fashion but they can look a little clompy for everyday wear. Alden’s lace-up boot hits the ankle at the perfect spot for teaming with rolled-up trousers for an unbeatable look.

The cordovan horsehide is extremely waterproof and polishes up to a great finish making it the ideal winter boot. Coffee-brown laces are a wonderful touch and look great with the black leather, proving that black and brown can go well together. These boots aren’t cheap at £505 but will make an investment that will last years, snap them up from Browns.


Grey and neon Swear lace-ups from Office

By admin on May 15th, 2008

office swear neon lace up.jpgGrey and neon is a pretty good colour combination, I like the way grey geeks up the neon a bit to remove the nu-rave connotations.
There’s even more of a contrast going on here with these shoes from Office (£34.99) as the neon clashes nicely with the old man stylings going on. I love it, it’s like pops from down the road got happy with a highlighter after a few too many G+Ts.


Office sale

By ShinyMedia on April 30th, 2007


Office have got a sale on, and you’ll be able to snap up some bargains like these lovely Oxford brogues, reduced to £45 from £110. The leather tab/lace detail is an amusing remider of those horrible chunky metal boots which have a hole in the heel through which you thread your lace. One you’ve finished being amused by the tab detail, you can be enthralled by the swirling brogue punch leather, reminiscent of the Mr Men.


Firetrap lace-ups

By ShinyMedia on April 16th, 2007


These Firetrap shoes are a gem. Just the other day I was out with my boyfriend and he wondered out loud why all lace-ups have to have clownlike extended toes. I personally think it’s an awful look, especially when teamed with an Estate Agent suit. Then we spotted these shoes, with a toe as round and smooth as a pebble. The leather looks like it will improve as it becomes aged and battered and you can buy the shoe in a grey-brown (right) or more of a conker (left) shade. They’re available for £69.99 from Office, so buck the trend for clown feet and get yourself a pair.

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