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The 12 gadgets that will shape the year – the very best of CES 2013

By Stefano on January 14th, 2013

So CES, the world’s biggest consumer electronics show, has been and gone for another year. And what a blast it was too. In some respects it was the most interesting show in a while, largely because it saw a lot of new emerging technologies from smart watches through to high-end 4k TV sets.

Along with our pals at Tech Digest we have gone through the hundreds, make that thousands, of products and picked 12 that we think will be then ones that will shape 2013.

I don’t think any will have the impact of say the Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle or even Samsung’s early 3D TV sets, but they provide a template which a number of makers will take and refine to deliver the iconic gadgets of the future.

Without further ado then – here is our top twelve.

12 Sony Walkman W273

Picture 1 of 12
Picture 1 of 12

Sony used CES 2013 to highlight how it has re-invented an old friend. It is reviving the Walkman in the guise of the W273 - an MP3 player for active types. The lightweight player is waterproof too so you can take it swimming. It has 4 Gig of storage, works with iTunes and each battery charge gives you eight hours of power.


CES 2013 – all the hottest devices from day one – Lenovo’s uber tablet, two huge phones, new Canon camera and more

By Stefano on January 7th, 2013

So CES 2013 is finally under way. Well it actually kicks off in earnest tonight (UK time) with a lot of the big guys (Sony, Samsung etc al) unveiling their key new 2013 products.

A few companies, including some biggies, have already broken ranks and tipped us off about their latest gizmos. Here then are the best 12 products we have seen so far, and they include some huge smartphones, an outrageous tablet that can moonlight as a coffee table, some clever new cameras and more.

ZTE pic from Unwired View

Samsung NX300 - shoot in 3D

Picture 11 of 12
Picture 11 of 12

Samsung has unveiled the latest upgrade of its top-end NX300 camera. The smart bit though is that it can now come with a 3D lens system, which allows for simultaneous capture of Full HD stills and video. No details of pricing on either the camera or the lens, but the camera does have 20 mega pixel sensor, is very fast and has a cool retro design.


CES 2013: It is gadgets week at Brandish

By Stefano on January 3rd, 2013

Aaah Las Vegas. Think Sin City and you are probably picturing Elvis in his jump suited burger-addicted 70s prime, Tom Jones cooking up a storm for the laydeez and a thousand British boxing hopefuls returning home with their tales between their legs.

Vegas is, on a slightly less glamorous tip, the home of the convention and every week in every year you can find everyone from pest control experts through to photo copies sales guys nervously wandering their way round the hidden parts of hotels in a bid to check out the latest gear and drum up new business.

The one convention though that even the hard-bitten locals would like to crash is CES, the Consumer Electronics show, which kicks off on Monday. For half a week the convention centre and several nearby hotels are turned into an Aladdin’s cave of gadgets, tellies, intelligent cars and more as the world’s leading tech manufacturers pitch their vision of the future to journos, bloggers, dealers and anoraks.

Over the years the show has witnessed the launch of the digital camera, the MP3 player and more recently smart televisions and oh, the Angry Birds board game. This year promises to be a corker with several new technologies starting to mature and are now ripe for innovation and development.

Away from the aircraft hanger style halls where the big names parade their wares are the smaller halls and the back rooms where enterprising far eastern companies come to pitch their offerings. Sometimes these companies can throw up something that has the big guys looking over their shoulders in that it delivers innovative features, clever operating systems and most important of all ultra competitive prices.

Over the coming week we will be keeping a beady eye on CES rounding up the latest coverage from our sibling sites Tech Digest and Shiny Shiny. It is going to be one hell of a trip.

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Max Drummey, make a bit of effort!

By admin on August 21st, 2008

max drummey peaches geldof.jpg
Come on Max Drummey, if you’re going to try and create a paparazzi frenzy with your faux or not Las Vegas wedding to Peaches Geldof accept that the paps will be following your every move, because you started it.

So when you get snapped coming out of Malmaison in Manchester can you try a little harder than a hoodie, jeans and Stan Smiths (just out of shot) please? I know Peaches isn’t exactly hitting the fashion high notes in a tired combo of big bag and scruffy tee but wearing the uniform of every suburban teenage boy isn’t going to give you tabloid longevity. Maybe Drummey needs to take some tips from paphound Henry Conway?

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Manilow Manorexic- An Actual Fear or Tabloid Fodder?

By Will Reid on July 21st, 2008

barrymanilow.jpgLast week’s diet poll obviously hit home for a lot of you- but in a way that I had not expected. I confess to being a guy who is conscious of my weight and I have dieted. I see nothing wrong with wanting to fit into a pair of skinny jeans but thought I was of a minority. However, that appears not to be the case; 57% of you voted that there was nothing wrong with watching your weight and had therefore dieted.

I know that most of you are unlikely to be suffering from an eating disorder but it appears that ‘Manorexia’ is no longer a fad-word put out by editors trying to fill pages of a cheap magazine but a reality edging it’s way into pop culture.

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