Fella gets stuck at Las Vegas airport for the night – shoots brilliant video

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Las Vegas Airport – we have all been stuck there right? Well not really, and even though it is one of the smartest and newest airports in the US with free Wi-Fi pretty much everywhere, and more gaming machines than the whole of Utah- it is not a place you’d want to spend the night. However one enterprising fella decided …

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The 12 gadgets that will shape the year – the very best of CES 2013

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So CES, the world’s biggest consumer electronics show, has been and gone for another year. And what a blast it was too. In some respects it was the most interesting show in a while, largely because it saw a lot of new emerging technologies from smart watches through to high-end 4k TV sets. Along with our pals at Tech Digest …

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Gadget Show Lenovo Coffee Table Tablet

CES 2013 – all the hottest devices from day one – Lenovo’s uber tablet, two huge phones, new Canon camera and more

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So CES 2013 is finally under way. Well it actually kicks off in earnest tonight (UK time) with a lot of the big guys (Sony, Samsung etc al) unveiling their key new 2013 products. A few companies, including some biggies, have already broken ranks and tipped us off about their latest gizmos. Here then are the best 12 products we …

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CES 2013: It is gadgets week at Brandish

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Aaah Las Vegas. Think Sin City and you are probably picturing Elvis in his jump suited burger-addicted 70s prime, Tom Jones cooking up a storm for the laydeez and a thousand British boxing hopefuls returning home with their tales between their legs. Vegas is, on a slightly less glamorous tip, the home of the convention and every week in every …

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Manilow Manorexic- An Actual Fear or Tabloid Fodder?

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Last week’s diet poll obviously hit home for a lot of you- but in a way that I had not expected. I confess to being a guy who is conscious of my weight and I have dieted. I see nothing wrong with wanting to fit into a pair of skinny jeans but thought I was of a minority. However, that appears not to be the case; 57% of you voted that there was nothing wrong with watching your weight and had therefore dieted.

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