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Jeremy Scott and Adidas- I really like it, I mean hate it

By Jonathan Smith on October 8th, 2008

jeremyscott.jpgThe first lovely preview of the Adidas x Jeremy Scott colab is upon us, and I’m looking to those who boldly go where I choose not to… no, fear to tread. Those who say yes to leopard print and knocked off Armani. To those who still rock a greasy mullet and large faux jewel earings. That’s right, I’m looking to the Portuguese and their king Cristiano Ronaldo.

Jeremy Scott has created quite an enigma in this line, pieces being both awesome and totally shit all at the same time, which is quite an achievement. For example the sneakers have wings on them- awesome, but then they are gold and have wings on them- totally shit. All pieces are eye catching to say the least and do genuinely have a little extra oomph on what Adidas has produced in the past with any of its previous colabs (Yohji Yamamto and Stella McCartney spring to mind)- which is definitely a plus. Still I’m left wondering who exactly is going to wear any of it. Oh. Ronaldo.

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[Source: Trashbag Aesthetic]

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Sonia Rykiel Homme closes down

By admin on June 13th, 2008

rykiel1.jpgFans of Sonia Rykiel Homme will be sad to hear that after it’s SS 09 collection, it will be no more. The reason for this is, despite running for two decades, they’ve never actually made money on their collection.

Nathalie Rykiel, daughter of Sonia Rykiel and President of the Rykiel fashion house stated that “We are a family run business and we wish to remain so…thus the decision to focus on our core business which is women”.

In tribute, I leave you with this catwalk report and a picture of the most wearable men’s leopard print jacket ever.



Puma leopard print high tops

By admin on February 28th, 2008


There’s been a bit of a Puma overload at
Brandish lately, so I solemnly promise that this will be the last post on
anything involving Puma. Until the next one, which could be tomorrow. Hey, they
don’t say people in fashion are fickle just for alliteration purposes.

Before we go on this Puma strike, we
thought we’d show you these leopard
print high tops
, which are amazing for three reasons. 1 – they’re leopard
print; 2 – they’re purple; 3 – They’re £40. If that’s not enough to get you
dribbling over your computer, then you’re dead inside.


Nike SB Ferris Bueller sneakers

By admin on February 20th, 2008

Nikesbdunkhighferrisbueller1_2Hypebeast are reporting that part of Nike’s SB Summer collection are these Dunks inspired by Ferris Bueller. Do you think that can be right? Ferris Bueller’s kind of before even my time and I’m an old man. And more than that, Ferris was indisputably the smart arse every young boy hoped he’d grow up to be, but I didn’t think that kind of nostalgia was Nike’s territory.

Seems weird. But I suppose the evidence is right before my eyes. That clearly is the outfit he wears in the poster, and whilst I’m a BIG fan of leopard print, I don’t like. Perhaps its just the confusion I feel but I don’t think they work.


Leopard Print Scarf

By admin on January 9th, 2008

LeopardscarfAre you man enough for a bit of leopard print? I know I am – bring it on!
There’s not a thing wrong with leopard print. Its cultural referents are impeccable: on the one hand busty barmaids and on the other hand Peter Stringfellow’s beachwear.
I’m not convincing you am I?
Still I think it’s a good look for a man. Something a bit rakish, a bit Russell Brand about it, in a ‘I’ve got a powerful sexuality and I’m not afraid to use it’ way.
If you want a piece of that action, head over to Oak NYC.

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