Swimming London writer Jenny Landreth on the capital’s best pools #SwimmingWeek

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  Writer and journalist Jenny Landreth talks about her favourite pools and why she prefers lidos to swimming in lakes and rivers We first came across you from your excellent swimming blog, Swimming Round London (http://swimmingroundlondon.blogspot.co.uk/). How did that come about? The blog was the first thing I’d written about swimming. I’d been a script editor for a long time …

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Top 10 British Lidos – five you can swim in now and five we have lost #SwimmingWeek

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There was a time when pretty much every decent sized town in England boasted a Lido or two. Late thirties London, before the Luftwaffe arrived, boasted over fifty open air swimming pools. Many of them were originally built in a glorious kitschy Art Deco style in the early part of that decade funded largely by the government and local authorities who …

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The future of swimming – urban lakes and re-generated Lidos? #SwimmingWeek

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Whether it’s global warming, cleaner rivers or just the need to get away from the trappings of modern day life stuck behind a desk, it seems there is a huge rise in urban swimming. In the summer it’s traditionally been the many lidos that have been our city’s beaches, particularly in London where dozens of these large outdoor pools still …

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