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Sharp & Dapper: Accessories for the self-respecting gentleman

By Laura on February 20th, 2012

I was recently introduced to Sharp & Dapper. Based in London, the company has revived a classic gentleman’s accessory and brought it into the 21st century.

The Shirt Companion, is designed to help any self-respecting gentleman to keep his shirt tucked in and his socks pulled up. The unique ‘suspenders for men’ eliminate the hassle of continuously having to tuck in a shirt, by simply attaching the four individual braces between your shirt & socks.

Established and handmade in London’s Notting Hill and with art direction from Aneel Kalsi of Wallpaper magazine, The Shirt Companion is also worn by barmen in top class London venues such as Milk & Honey. An accessory they can rely on for the right image and impression.

Tom Soden, (Group Bar Manager of Diageo) is amongst the many who have become strong advocates of the Shirt Companion, stating:
“I bought a pair of Shirt Companions just over four months ago and I can honestly say that I haven’t worked a day without them since. It seems funny but they have become as essential to my working day as a pair of cuff links or my watch. S&D lives up to their name, it makes you look sharp & dapper. In addition to me feeling confident and fresh, customers immediately see I am a professional, experienced bartender working for a world-class company.”

The Shirt Companion is available now from Sharp & Dapper and comes beautifully packaged in a set of four braces.

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London Thru Cafes

By Laura on December 31st, 2011

In a city like London it can sometimes be overwhelming trying to figure out where the best cafes are.

That is why here at Brandish we are absolutely obsessed with a app called London Thru Cafes. This beautifully designed app focuses on independent cafes and has lots of ideas for interesting things to do ranging from all the classic tourist attractions such as the Tate and Southbank, to hidden gems known only by locals.

The app features over two hundred original photos to bring entries to life, reviews,
plus all the essential information such as opening hours, off-line maps, nearby stations, access information, whether there’s Wi-Fi or gluten free options available and area write-ups to give a place context. There’s also information on which coffee and cake places serve. Best of all the app works off-line so you can browse your options while on the tube to your destination.

Whether you live in London or are just visiting, the London Thru Cafes app is definitely a must have.

Oh and did we mention it is Free for a limited time over Christmas?

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Herring Shoes launch luggage collection

By Laura on December 31st, 2011

Classic British shoe maker, Herring recently extended their brand by branching into Luggage. The new luggage range includes everything from wash bags to large weekend holdalls, all finished in a super soft dark brown waxed leather.

In keeping with their heritage, Herring has named each bag after a London landmark. Our favourite is the Dorchester, a weekend-sized holdall with two external zip pockets, sturdy webbing strap handles and a large internal zip pocket. The base is stiffened with brass stud detailing to help preserve the leather. A close second is the Ritz wash bag.

Prices of the Herring Shoes Luggage collection range from £45 to £175.


Silas x London Tradition Duffle Coat

By Laura on November 17th, 2011

The duffle coat truly is a classic winter staple. It’s popularity can be traced back to the British Military for introducing and perfecting the design.

One of the best duffel coats we have seen so far this year has to be the collaboration between Silas and Maria and their British cohorts, London Tradition. Made in England, this shortened, hooded classic features horn toggle fastenings, and a tartan lining.

Over all it is a beautiful, conventional, expertly crafted duffle, that is bound to last you years.
Available in both grey and navy colorways this jacket will set you back £329.

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Topman General Store Shoreditch

By Laura on September 30th, 2011

Topman have just launched their latest concept store in Brandish’s very own neighbourhood – Shoreditch, London.

The store is set to function as a social and fashion destination for the local community. With its exposed brickwalls, it has a very NYC vibe to it and will feature a curated selection of key Topman pieces, seasonal project collaborations with a handful of branded items and limited edition artwork/books.

If your by Spitalfield Market make sure to check out the shop at 98 Commercial Street.

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Supreme comes to London

By Laura on September 19th, 2011

Supreme fans get ready… on Thursday September 22nd, Supreme will be opening its London shop. This will be the first Supreme shop in Europe and will carry the entire collection including skateboards & footwear, in addition to special releases such as the Supreme x Levi’s 2011 Fall/Winter Collection.

The store will be located at:
2/3 Peter St.
United Kingdom


Keep Aaron Cutting

By Laura on August 10th, 2011

Many of you who read this site will know that I live in London. What you might not know is that I live in the midst of the areas that have been effected by the recent violence. Over the past few days I have had to watch thugs destroy the city I love, and hold its citizens hostage with fear.

I have heard and seen so many heartbreaking things over the past few days it would be impossible to recount them all here. In many ways I still can’t believe this has happened. How can some people have such a lack of basic human compassion.

As images of burnt out buildings and looted shops flood the news, there was one image that really jumped out at me. The image depicted 89 year old Aaron Biber sifting through what little was left of his barbershop. This image more than others, really highlighted to me just how senseless this violence has been.

After tweeting about the image one of my followers directed me to a microsite that has been set up by Björn and Sophie, two interns at BBH, to help raise money to help repair Aaron’s shop. Aaron did not have insurance and as he can not afford the repairs is faced with closure.

To see people coming together trying to restore faith in each other and in London is truly wonderful. It helps remind us all why London is such a great city.

Please check out their site here and maybe even donate a few pounds to help restore Aaron’s livelihood.

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Gentlemans Relish – the return of the barber shop

By Laura on August 5th, 2011

Yesterday evening I headed to Gentlemans Relish in Clerkenwell for some head and face topiary.

My hair was long, misshapen, permanently unruly and I’d not shaved for a few days, so this assignment was perfectly timed.

A brief run down of the company – Paul Jackson opened the company’s first salon in Colchester in 2007 and has been steadily expanding the business every year since. The Clerkenwell salon is the company’s second in London (the other is off Brick Lane), and they have ambitious growth plans, aiming for a solid 45-50 across the UK in the future.

The salons sell products by some quality male grooming brands as well, including Kevin Murphy, American Crew and Lock Stock & Barrel.

The Clerkenwell outlet itself is classy as hell, the centrepieces being four perfectly restored 1950’s cream and red crocodile-leather chairs with heavy-duty foot rests. An intimate size and excellent online booking system means there’s no one impatiently thumbing dog-eared copies of GQ on the sofa either.

That said, a barbershop is only as good as the guy holding the scissors. Salon Manager and GR Managing Director Darren Agyei-Dua sat me down, and I ran through my normal style before deciding to just let him do what he liked.

He’s trained in pretty much everything there is to train in in terms of hair and grooming, and cut for numerous agencies including CLM, Caren and Jed Root. He even cut Robbie Williams’ hair at a Brit Awards Ceremony recently. Impressive stuff.

Darren was quick, precise and effortless with his cutting. He had consistently good chat as well, which really does make all the difference.

The shave was of matching quality. I had a Turkish shave in Istanbul last year and it was going swimmingly until they burnt my ears with a lighter. Darren assured me no ears would be burnt.

If you’ve never been shaved, have it done. It’s quite therapeutic. At Gentleman’s Relish you have your face washed, some ‘skin food’, a warm towel, badger brush applying the foam, straight razor taking it off and then a cool towel to close your pores. Your skin is left as smooth as the day you were born and feels fantastic.

It’s really not that expensive either – £25 for a cut and £15 for a shave, which is considerably more accessible than what Gentleman’s Relish’s previously charged.

The Clerkenwell salon is in a good location, boasts top-notch stylists and is hoping to add a masseuse to the mix by Christmas. They’re creating a new kind of barbershop for a new, style-conscious generation. I’m sold.

Visit their website here
Follow GR on Twitter here and Facebook here.
Read more about Darren Agyei-Dua here and follow him on Twitter here.

Guest post by Alex Clough

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Military inspired backpack From Marc by Marc Jacobs

By Laura on April 11th, 2011

Over the last few weeks, I have noticing a lot of Londoners rocking the backpack. After all it is a great way to carry all your things, whether your off to work or going for an impromptu picnic.
One backpack that has caught my eye in particular is this military inspired bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs. The bag features logo patches and two easily accessible front pockets. While the bag’s design is mostly gray, contrast is provided by the use of off-white towards the base and fastening strap as well as brown for the shoulder straps.

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Casio G-Shock GRX-5600B-2JF

By Laura on March 31st, 2011

Ahead of the G-shock West launch tonight in Seven Dials, London, I decided to do a little research and check out some of their latest watches. To be honest I was not really expecting much, but was pleasantly surprised. One of my favourites is the G-Shock’s GRX-5600, which merges two of the brand’s most iconic styles, the DW-5600 and DW-6900. The result a highly durable watch for those out on the water. It even has the ability to calculate waves with a solar panel for battery collection. Time to hit the beach…

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TopMan A.D Project Celebrates Guy Fawkes Night

By Laura on November 4th, 2010

AD Project

This weekend bonfires and firework work displays will be taking place across the country for Guy Fawkes Night. To celebrate Topman has created a really cool collection of limited edition monochromatic t-shirts based on the now infamous 1605 gunpowder plot.

The shirts are a part of the A.D project, a concept graphic t-shirt collection that takes inspiration from historical events that have helped to shape London into the City that it is today. All of the shirts are individually hand printed in London, making each one unique.

The shirts retail for £20 and are available here


David Beckham strips off for new Armani ad

By admin on June 11th, 2009

david beckham armani underwear giorgio 2009.jpg

Not content with causing a tidal wave of excitement when he stripped off for Armani in 2007 David Beckham is at it again.

This time he launched the advert in our very own London town, with an in-store appearance at Selfridges. He said he was “a little embarrassed” at the bombastic unveiling, but if previous form is anything to go by Mr Armani is no doubt very pleased! Jump through for a better look, and don’t forget to take our poll!

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Top Five: Will’s Summer Wants!

By Will Reid on March 26th, 2009

Last summer I was down at Shiny Towers and the gloriously hot days were spent writing, chatting with my fellow Shinies, trying on Drop-Crotch jeans and touring the streets in search of aspirational street style. But despite all the joviality I didn’t quite anticipate the weather (although I refuse to take the blame for that one- when was the last time we had a proper summer?) and ended up the innocent victim of SSS (that’s Skinny jeans in Summer Syndrome.) This summer I am determined to get it right, which is why I have compiled this list of fashion needs (okay, wants.)

Thumbnail image for DSC00603.JPGb.JPG1. Lots of Extra-Hold Hairspray
Since Christmas and a happy accident haircut, I have been living with a bit of an 80s asymmetrical style. My super-thick hair means that I have to use extra-hold products which are effective but grease-free; the wet fro is never a good look! I will need lots of hairspray to combat the heat.

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UniQlo @ Selfridges

By Jonathan Smith on March 2nd, 2009

uniqlo selfridges.jpg

Affordable quality pedallers UniQlo are making your shopping experiences that little bit easier by opening a concession in Selfridges Oxford Street. Being UniQlo the space is one of the more colourful parts of Selfridges, looking similar to a Pantone reference book which is in no way a bad thing. The move is designed to introduce the brand to a whole new demographic of buyers and really sets their move into the UK and Worldwide markets in stone. The concession being markedly smaller than any of their stand alone stores, carries an edited menswear collection including their premium ranges, still being competitively priced especially when compared with the other brands that Selfridges stock. The store opened last Monday so get yourself down there and have a shoofty.

On top of this the brand seems to be advancing on multiple fronts as this new concession in London’s shopping hot spot comes on the back of the announcement of UniQlo’s Menswear Tailoring Collection and Premium Denim Collection, both of which will be part of the edited Menswear collection Selfridges will carry.

The UniQlo Tailoring Collection caters to the formal end of the market but still holds the same attention to detail and affordable quality synonymous with UniQlo garments.The line includes blazers, waistcoats, suit jackets, suit trousers, ties and tailored shorts all intended to be mixed at matched with other items in and out of the Tailoring Collection. The line being formal as it is still holds the bright and uplifting look that all UniQlo pieces do with even the darker more formal pieces looking clean and stylish. Prices starting at £29.99 this is definitely something to keep a fashion eye out for.

UniQlo’s Premium Denim Collection is a step up for the brands usually low priced but none the less well cut denim, collaborating with Kaihara and boasting entirely Japanese production for the line this looks to be of interest to any denim heads out there. Kaihara, a brand older than my nan only turned to denim production in the 1970′s but soon made it’s name in Japanese denim producing the entire garment from yarn to finished product to their own high standard. This kind of quality and dedication to a garment sits well with the UniQlo brand going to great lengths with this line to really make an impact on the denim marketplace using raw cotton and traditional antique looms to make the selvedged denim. All pieces in the line are priced competitively at £49.99 and well worth a gander.

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London’s Street Style, is it the best?

By admin on February 11th, 2009

street style london glam canyon.jpg
Click image to enlarge

The Sartorialist may have crowned New York as the centre of street style but Paul Flynn has written an eloquent piece on why London style is among the most interesting in the world, as part of the G2 London fashion special in the Guardian today. It explains why, although we don’t get the commercial glory of New York or the couture kudos of Paris London is still a force to be reckoned with:

“If in Paris you could take an educated guess at someone’s salary from their wardrobe, in London, Manchester or Glasgow you could probably pin down the last record they bought, their political inclinations, and the places they most like to get drunk in. British street style is delivered with a spirit of invention, not regimentation. It doesn’t replicate, it innovates. Much to our credit, there is no shame in busting a look, which is why we gave to the world punk in the 70s, acid house in the 80s and the micro-niches of both (electro, nu-rave, elegantly wasted indie kids).”

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[Source, Images: GlamCanyon]

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