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Everyday Fashion Miracles: Hand-Carrying Bags

By Will Reid on April 1st, 2008

Thumbnail image for t5bag2.jpg“I’d again like to apologize to those customers who have suffered disrupted journeys or baggage delays.” Well Mr. Willie Walsh, I have just spent a day imprisoned (okay, voluntarily withheld) in my flat. I have also just finished watching ‘The Ring,’ munched three bags of salt and vinegar crisps and devoured two diet Cokes. On top of this, I have just left the protection of my covers not only because the Jerry Springer marathon finished but also because I feel obligated to comment on the fact that BA has still lost my luggage. Sometimes sorry isn’t just hard to say but hard to take.

(Image Source: Telegraph)

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Dress like the characters from Lost

By ShinyMedia on February 8th, 2008


Lost is back and apparently they’re tying up all the loose ends mystical plotlines and the meaning of those damn polar bears or the black smoke! Thank god because I really didn’t have a clue what was going on. If you missed season three or you saw it and you’re still confused then srsly you guys you could do with a recap. More importantly though, to get into the spirit of things you’ll need to dress like your favourite Lost character. They’re all there, Ben, Sayid, Locke, Jake, Hurley, and Charlie (hasn’t he come a long way since Hetty Wainthropp?!). My favourite Lost character is Locke so I guess I’ll be shaving my head, grabbing a weapon and donning some wilderness gear!

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Trendwatch: Now we’re Lost

By admin on December 19th, 2007

Continuing our trend watch, we
present to you the ‘Lost’
. There’s no need for us to recount the whole story of how these tees
came around, but now even underwhelming TV shows are getting the t-shirt

One does wonder though, when was this shirt
thought up? Was it during the first season, when Lost looked certain to become
the biggest show of the decade or during the second season when people got
bored of it? They could have made a similar tee from Heroes characters would
probably be a lot more successful right now. Although I personally would like
one featuring characters from The Wire, the best show on TV bar none. If
someone made that I’d give them all the money I have on me right now (£2.34
& some Halls Soothers).


Lost’s Matthew Fox is the tear-free face of L’Oreal Men Expert

By ShinyMedia on July 16th, 2007

This may be old news, but over the weekend I saw two adverts starring guys from Lost. Cool Water are using Josh Holloway – aka Sawyer – as their swimming hunk in their latest ad, while, as you’ll see after the jump, Matthew Fox is fronting the new L’Oreal Men Expert ad.

Now, when I started watching Lost, my first thought on seeing Mr. Fox was "Hey! That’s the guy from Party Of Five who, like his brother Bailey, cried in EVERY SINGLE EPISODE." If you never saw Party Of Five you may think I’m exaggerating a touch. I’m not. Ask anyone. And then whaddya know, he joins Lost and before you know it the "crying while trying not to cry" face is back on our screens every week. And providing plenty of opportunities for humour.

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