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Lukesville Jumper – it’s not a stupid purchase, it’s an investment

By admin on March 14th, 2008

Why am I writing about thick knitwear when
spring is around the corner, I hear you all pre-emptively ask. The answer is
because it’s a great investment. As our departed Tim said, the
chunky knitwear trend is one that has legs. So why not invest in this Lukesville

Cream is a hot colour right now, but it’s a
colour that’s unlikely to go out of fashion anytime soon. So you won’t feel
like you’re wearing one of those awful faddy colours. At £49 it’s pretty much
wholesale price, so you can’t really ask for more of a bargain. Well,
technically you could ask, but you wouldn’t get one.

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Lukesville Red watch

By admin on February 15th, 2008

It’s always nice to have one piece that
doesn’t fit with the rest of your outfit. It’s best to start with an accessory,
then work your way up to that bright red trench coat you’ve been dreaming of.  So why not start with this red Lukesville watch?

This watch is great and all but be warned:
Lukesville are about to get huge. With upcoming features in loads of men’s magazines (i.e Nuts, Zoo, Front – every poor excuse for a wank you can think of), they’ll probably be on the Lyle &
Scott terms of ubiquity come August. The watch is still great though. It costs
£180 and is available from Lukesville’s online shop.

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Stock up on Peckham Rye ties while you can

By admin on February 4th, 2008


Although it’s definitely still winter
outside, spring is coming. It has to be. And when spring finally shows its
face, you’ll be left with some tough fashion decisions. The hardest one will be
‘how the hell do I stand out when everyone’s wearing a t-shirt and jeans?’

The answer to that question would
be: accessorize. Thankfully, Elements
have a half price sale on, so you can a Peckham
Rye tie
for a bargain basement price of £22. That’s only £7 more than a ‘premium’
Topman tie. While you’re there, you can pick up this Lee
puffa jacket
for £43.50, this Lukesville
tweed jacket
for £85 and this Nerve
for £162.50.

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