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Reader request: All Saints’ mac

By admin on September 10th, 2008

all saints women's mac.jpgI’ve had a few emails since our last reader request which I’m still working through, one of which was a really lovely message from a reader called Ade who says: “I’ve seen a very nice mac in All Saints. At present, they only do a women’s version.”

He wants to know whether you think this mac would look good on men and if All Saints have any plans to do a men’s version. As far as the actual All Saints mac goes I say why not just buy the women’s one?

Topshop’s skinny jeans are renowned for being the best kept secret in many a man’s closet and it’s not like us women haven’t been raiding men’s wardrobes for aeons. The mac has a loose unstructured fit which would suit both men and women. I think it would work well as part of a smart layered outfit with skinny or slim trousers.

I’ve got in touch with the All Saints press office but while I wait for their response what do you think?

Email me your thoughts and questions to isabelle [at]


All Saints macintosh

By admin on February 28th, 2008


The humble macintosh or trench, as you will be well aware, has been “in” lately. It’s been hot, sexy, now now now! Not quite wanting to let go as we move towards Spring, All Saints have released this cropped version – all the detailing’s there but without the long skirt. And you don’t miss that extra fabric do you?

It’s surprisingly well made. I popped in and ran a critical finger over the seams and was impressed. I do think it’s a bit expensive at £195 but that’s my only reservation.

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