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Heritage brand Stone-Dri Launch first collection since the 60’s

By Laura on November 21st, 2011

The Manchester-based brand, Stone-Dri, are back with their first collection since the 1960’s. Despite the lengthy hiatus, the new collection sits confidently amongst other contemporary brands.

The Autumn/Winter ’11 collection, clearly pays great attention to the importance of functionality, utility and comfort using traditional outerwear fabrics such as blended wools and waxed cottons in a masculine colour pallet of gun metal, burgundy, traditional green and navy blue.

This simple attention to detail not only means it is a collection made up of timeless and heritage styles, but offers an uncomplicated and understated style, all fundamental to the restoration of this classic brand.

We absolutely love the collection and hope to see a lot more from Stone-Dri in the future.

The collection is available from or from their boutique on ASOS

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Introducing Saint craft lager

By Laura on November 16th, 2011

A few weeks ago, The Saint Brewing Co sent Brandish one of the very first bottles of their new lager – Saint.
The Saint Brewing Co, has spent two years developing Saint, and it has definitely paid off. It is a wonderful tasting lower-carbonated lager, with distinct sharp citrus taste, floral and soft fruit notes.

The Saint Brewing Co hails from Manchester and are making a name for themselves as a leader in the craft lager revival.

Independently made in small batches, Saint has developed a lager that brings contemporary style to craft brewing. Combine their unique process with high quality ingredients, and you get the fresh tasting, light bodied and easy to drink Saint.

Steve Wilkinson, head brew master for Saint said, “For too long the lager market’s been dominated by a dated range of continental brands, all of which taste pretty much the same: overly bitter and gassy. Saint’s something different, something new: light, fresh and, best of all, genuinely British.”

This is probably one of the best lagers we have had in a long time, so can’t wait for it to be available in bars nationwide in January.

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Steve Sanderson of Oi Polloi

By Jonathan Smith on November 11th, 2008


If you live or have ever lived in Manchester chances are you know Oi Polloi, along with Ran it’s one of the cities best boutiques. The small independent shop is part of the unique style that makes Manchester timeless.

Oi Polloi is now gaining more and more international notoriety having their own clothing line and collaborations with well established brands such as Etnies- plus a few weeks ago Steve Sanderson, the boutiques co-founder, was interviewed for The Guardian’s Close Up feature. The feature concentrates on Steve’s own style but edges onto his ethos for Oi Polloi and what he considers to be style. Check the article out here.


Heroes and Celebrities

Max Drummey, make a bit of effort!

By admin on August 21st, 2008

max drummey peaches geldof.jpg
Come on Max Drummey, if you’re going to try and create a paparazzi frenzy with your faux or not Las Vegas wedding to Peaches Geldof accept that the paps will be following your every move, because you started it.

So when you get snapped coming out of Malmaison in Manchester can you try a little harder than a hoodie, jeans and Stan Smiths (just out of shot) please? I know Peaches isn’t exactly hitting the fashion high notes in a tired combo of big bag and scruffy tee but wearing the uniform of every suburban teenage boy isn’t going to give you tabloid longevity. Maybe Drummey needs to take some tips from paphound Henry Conway?


Etnies Plus X Oi Polloi

By Jonathan Smith on August 15th, 2008

bossa.jpg[Click images to enlarge]

Etnies has teamed up with Oi Polloi one of Manchester’s best boutiques and clothing brands to create some truly classic pieces of footwear. Well made from premium suede and leather and hand stitched together these casual kicks are quality as well as really bloody cool.

The line will be available from Etnies Plus stores and presumably Oi Polloi.

Check out more images after the jump.

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Get the Manchester look at Oipolloi

By admin on December 13th, 2007

OipoloiknitMy favourite shop in Manchester is tucked away in the city’s Northern Quarter and is guarded by a fat little boxer dog on a Fake London bed. It’s called Oipolloi and is the perfect store for the stylish Mancunian male. Many people only know the tracksuit-wearing scallies and the swaggering machismo of Liam Gallagher wannabees, but Manchester men do have a lot more to offer than that in terms of  style.
The Manchester aesthetic is defined by old skool sportswear combined with knits and natural fibres, by classic garments with a twist and by straight-leg indigo denims. Constant rain and many many puddles in the city mean that Manc boys favour a shoe so you’re more likely to see a Hush Puppy or a Clark’s Desert boot than your standard issue trainer.

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