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Christmas party trend – Velvet jackets – but are you ‘money’ enough to wear one?

By Stefano on December 6th, 2012

The last time that Velvet jackets seriously disturbed the High Street was in the 90s, when inspired by movies like Swingers and clubs like Smashing, dressing up like Noel Coward (and don’t forget that neck scarf) became a must for both gay and straight men.

It seems now that velvet jackets are making a return to the High Street now. They have apparently been doing the round on the catwalk for a while and now everyone from Mango through to M&S are offering rather striking Velvet jackets.

The big question is, to borrow from Trent from Swingers, are you money enough to wear one? In the past velvet seems to have been kept for special occasions, parties, big nights out.

It now seems that the new jackets, which mix different fabrics and effects with velvet and also available in a variety of colours, are designed to be worn a lot more often.

If you want to read more Fashionising has a great article here with loads of catwalk pics

Anyhow, if you are attempted here are a few to consider.


Mango Black Velvet Blazer £49.99

Picture 3 of 3
Picture 3 of 3

This is more like a blazer and will look great if teamed up with a decent pair of jeans. Mango


Summer sunglasses: go for retro bright or classic cool

By admin on April 28th, 2009

next orange sunglasses mango retro.jpg

Ray-Bans were last year’s hit sunnies, but this year maybe try something a little more anonymous?

‘s orange sunglasses retail at £12, and despite the lack of branding still have a distinctive retro look. The orange frames look great with a tan and there’s a nice clash going on with the purple lenses. Mango’s pair (£23) are for the more classically minded, the tortoiseshell frame and old fashioned shape will go great with a ‘Talented Mr Ripley‘ style summer look.


Mango launches Mango HE for men

By ShinyMedia on January 15th, 2008

Mango is launching its first menswear collection for a decade, and it will hit stores this spring. The collection is called HE by Mango and is composed of 46 pieces including t-shirts, waistcoats, trousers, jeans and swimwear as well as footwear and accessories.
The palette is fairly neutral, white, beige, grey, blue and khaki feature prominently but graphic prints and striking contrasts break up the tones.

The HE stands for homini emerito, latin for ‘man who enjoys a reward because of it’s merits’ but all I can see from this image is a bog-standard distressed hoodie. Mango’s last menswear collection was way back in 1996, I’m hoping that the healthy competition among the high street retailers will get them to buck up their ideas!

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