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Make your eco friends green with envy with “sustainable” M&S suit

By Gerald Lynch on June 25th, 2012

Marks and Spencer have today revealed what they’re calling the world’s first “sustainable” suit, putting the planets health on an equal footing with our sartorial needs.

The suit (the one pictured here is for illustrative purposes only) is a “revolutionary step forward for a clothing retailer” according to M&S, who have ensured the suit is made from the most sustainable materials possible.

Taking several years to develop , the different elements of the suit include:

o Wool – the suit is made from organic wool which is fully traceable back to the farms from where it is produced. In addition, all of the chemicals used in the production of the wool fibre are Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) approved, to reflect the fact that as the fibre has been organically produced

o Lining – made from recycled plastic bottles

o Canvas (used inside the main body of the suit) – made from recycled polyester

o Buttons – reclaimed buttons

o Pockets and waistband – made from reclaimed fabric

o Labels – all of the labels inside the suit, even the ‘Care Instructions’, have been made from recycled polyester

“This a huge step forwards for the industry”, said M&S Plan A Expert, Mark Summer.

“It is the first time such an intricate garment has been made of sustainable materials, and as well as being one of the greenest garments available on the high street, it is incredibly stylish and something we hope our customers will be proud to wear.”

Mark continued, “We set ourselves a big challenge with a suit as it contains so many different elements that we had to consider, but as part of our Plan A objectives we are determined to ensure all of the products we sell not only look great but are sustainably sourced; the suit is the perfect example – it is very stylish, of the highest quality, sustainably made – and all for under £350.”

With only 500 of the suits made, the green-fingered among you will have to act fast to snap one up, priced £349. You can read more information about the sustainable M&S suit here.

Suits & Tailoring

A suit for your sport sir?: M&S tailoring tips for all shapes and sizes

By Gerald Lynch on May 25th, 2012

Summer 2012 will be filled with plenty of huge sporting events including the FA Cup, Wimbledon and some other thing that includes a lot of chasing after gold medals. All eyes will inevitably be on the the world’s top sports stars, so as well as having to play well, the pressure will also be on them to look good off the pitch, court or stadium too.

There’s nothing quite like a nice fitted suit, but depending on your frame and body type this can be quite difficult to get a perfectly tailored ensemble, especially if you’re as tall as a basketball player or have the muscular legs of a swimmer.

We can’t all look like David Beckham but that doesn’t mean that you can’t carry off a smart two-piece! It’s all about knowing what style, colour and fabric is better matched to your frame whether you have a body like a pint-sized jockey or a robust rugby player.

We’ve teamed up with Marks and Spencer to offer some top tips on how to choose the right suit based on your sporting physique. Read on to see how you should suit up for your shape!

The Jockey Gent

 If like Frankie Dettori you’re a little on the short side, accentuate your form by following these top tips:

- Avoid suits that give you a box shape – a short jacket can make you look quite square

- Accentuate your height by steering away from double breasted suits

- Stick to either a two button or a one button cut

- Slim fit trousers are more flattering than a single pleat

- Stay away from horizontal and chalk stripes as they can make you look smaller

- Vertical stripes are a great way to create an illusion of lengthening a short frame

M&S Limited slim fit suits range would suit the man looking for a slimmer fit and has a more petite frame.

The Rugby Rogue

Built blokes like Mike Tindall are faced with one of the trickiest problems when choosing formal wear – finding a suit that fits! But ‘larger’ guys can still get a well-tailored design and shouldn’t just ‘make do’:

- A pinstripe suit can help to make you look thinner

- Traditionally, a double breasted suit would be the most flattering

- It’s important that the suit fits you on the shoulder properly

- If you have a large bottom, which is often the case with athletic builds, look out for suits with pleats at the back which have more give

All M&S suits have a ‘wider’ option, so a bigger man can go for a skinny style

The Football Fella

Men with a classically athletic frame like Jamie Redknapp are lucky – almost any suit will flatter their frame, but: A regular or slim fit design offers a classic look and is most suited to you if you are of average height and weight

- To accentuate volume in your upper body, a slim cut trouser is a good option

- Wearing a suit which is too big or broad can ‘swallow you up’

- Make sure that the seam finishes on the end of your shoulder and compliments your waist

- If you have a washboard stomach, a single button suit will really flatter your figure

The ‘Savile Row Inspired’ range (Designed by Richard James) is perfectly tailored for a contemporary look which stands out when on the athletic frame


Surprise find: top summer hats at M&S

By cchapman on June 23rd, 2009

M&S_panama.jpgInspired by this lovely diamond-weave straw hat over at An Innocent Bystander blog, I’ve been hunting out an equally summery straw hat for a couple of weeks now. But from the high street up, most versions around are pork pie style with that rather mean brim. To my mind, this style has become synonymous with English lads abroad, so the more classic options I stumbled on at Marks & Spencer are a welcome relief. My favourite here, wider brimmed with the genuine Panama-style pinched crown and a tasteful striped trim, comes in a flattering yellow tone and looks much more expensive than the £45 price tag suggest. Who’d have thunk it?

Luxury Panama-style hat, Marks and Spencer £45

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