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Biotherm Homme Power Bronze Tinted Moisturiser

By admin on February 5th, 2008


If you’re a man, there’s only one thing worse than wearing make-up – and that’s being caught wearing make-up. So it was with extreme caution that I approached Biotherm Homme’s Power Bronze tinted moisturiser. This moisturiser has a hint of bronzer in it which promises a natural healthy look  – so it’s not going to make you change race or anything. It’s also a gel, which mean that it goes on easily and evenly so you don’t get any tell-tale streaks.

I must say, it does deliver on its promises. It was very easy to apply and gave a very subtle effect – more of a healthy glow than a tan. If you’re a pale Anglo-Saxon like myself, it’s a good way of fighting that ghostly winter pallor without making you look like a drag queen.


Mango launches Mango HE for men

By ShinyMedia on January 15th, 2008

Mango is launching its first menswear collection for a decade, and it will hit stores this spring. The collection is called HE by Mango and is composed of 46 pieces including t-shirts, waistcoats, trousers, jeans and swimwear as well as footwear and accessories.
The palette is fairly neutral, white, beige, grey, blue and khaki feature prominently but graphic prints and striking contrasts break up the tones.

The HE stands for homini emerito, latin for ‘man who enjoys a reward because of it’s merits’ but all I can see from this image is a bog-standard distressed hoodie. Mango’s last menswear collection was way back in 1996, I’m hoping that the healthy competition among the high street retailers will get them to buck up their ideas!


Bamford and Sons organic range

By ShinyMedia on April 27th, 2007

Over at Hippyshopper yesterday they were marvelling at Bamford and Sons organic range. The reange is made from 100% organic cotton, which is made into muslin shirts, jeans, jackets and t-shirts. They also have a range of ecologically produced leather goods made without chemicals, and tanned using vegetable dyes. Choose from a range of wallets, belts, bags and sandals. Their main range isn’t organic but features the same classic looks with slightly sharper tailoring.

Visit Hippyshopper for more ethical news and shopping


Yes No Maybe clothing

By Isabelle on March 27th, 2007


I can’t look at any ‘Yes No Maybe’ clothing without thinking of the Malcolm in the Middle theme song but that’s me and my jingle obsessed brain. I usually hate smug slogan t-shirts but the ‘bukkake ruined my carpet’ one is actually quite funny. I think it’s the mundane mention of a carpet that stops it from being too ‘student wanker’. It’s a reasonable £25, but if you fancy something a bit more people friendly then their ‘doodles’ sweatshirt (£45) is the perfect thing to keep you occupied for an entire train ride home.


Collar stiffeners a-gogo

By Isabelle on March 22nd, 2007

Collar stiffeners eh, who’d a thunk it? They’re used to stop collars curling and keep shirts looking sharp. Quality shirts usually come with a plastic insert that breaks after a few washes so I’ve done a round up of  the collar stiffeners on the market. Collar stiffeners almost come into the ‘Innovations Catalogue’ area of pointless inventions but not quite. My first pair are from bespoke jewellers Form and cost £35. Form also do cufflinks, weddings rings and a ‘Blingin Four Finger Ring’ that you really should stay away from. See after the jump for more collar stiffeners.

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