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Mr. Start menswear tailoring boutique launch

By admin on April 7th, 2008

mr start img.jpgGemma and I hot-footed it over to Old Street on Friday for the opening of Mr Start, Start Boutique menswear tailoring store. Mr Start is offering a made-to-measure tailoring service as well as a host of other labels including Peckham Rye. The shop itself is pretty stylish, combining traditional wood cabinets with industrial shelving and neon lighting.

Visit Catwalk Queen for the sleb images of Henry Holland and Brix Smith and see after the jump for some pictures of the store.

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Noticed on the Runway- The Ties at Bottega Veneta

By Will Reid on March 27th, 2008

brandishreidbv.jpgThere is so much style to wade through after show season that we’re all wasting our free-time on While looking at the detail shots of the site’s Bottega Veneta coverage, I spotted this interesting neck detail on a few of the models. There is the embarrassing chance that a few of the models simply weren’t able to put on a tie (forgive the bitchiness but you know the type) however if that were the case I would still be praising the DIY fashion brilliance.

The collection itself was aimed to provide a male uniform and the collection was very straight-laced, but this detail added a great edge. I think this may be something I try out myself as it completely elevates the look. Safety pin ties- what a brilliant idea and unexpected cause of sartorial envy.

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My Theory- The Future of Short Shorts

By Will Reid on March 17th, 2008

“You were on my mind at least nine tenths of yesterday, it seemed as if perhaps I’d gone insane. What is it about you that has commandeered my brain? Maybe it’s your…” Kimya Dawson’s brilliant lyrics ring through my head as I realise that it appears I have nothing better to do on a Saturday night than listen to the Juno soundtrack (heads up my friends, it’s great) and appear pensive and philosophical while typing away at my laptop. That is until you know what is causing me so much mental frustration- I am deciding upon my ‘theory’ (as named by Jason and furthered by Isabelle) regarding the devious short shorts trend.

Short shorts were a feature of last season’s shows and where better to take lead from than the trend-barometer that is the Marc by Marc Jacobs collection (right.) I was quite comfortably on the fence until I received a peculiar delivery from a well-intentioned but elderly great-uncle.

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dVb- Men’s jeans by Victoria Beckham

By Will Reid on March 12th, 2008

1522articleimage_2The latest news on the fashion circuit is of Posh Spice’s new venture-into the world of men’s jeans. According to an article on DNR, Beckham "despises skinny jeans on men." Ouch, first we have to endure the horror of her Barbie-pink twin-set and now we are treated to her ever so subtle sartorial touch. (I really do try to reserve my criticism but give a guy a break!) "Guys should wear jeans big and baggy, with a big pair of boots or flip-flops–exactly how you see David when he’s out in his jeans and T-shirt," is the advice Victoria gives to the new generation of denim-doyens.

They are made from Japanese denim and design features range from the ‘aged-leather’ waistband logo to the purple pocket lining.  With the woman’s collection being stocked in stores from Colette to Harvey Nichols, it will be little surprise that the same stores are already enquiring about the brand-tastic bootlegs (denim not drink.) Prices range from £110 to £143 and the designs hit the market in August.

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Fantastic Man Spring/Summer 2008: Tom Ford

By Will Reid on March 6th, 2008

Img121zh0When I have to be up at 6:30 tomorrow to tour a newbie I know I really shouldn’t be up late on The Fashion Spot, but if you see Tom Ford on the cover of a fairly underground men’s fashion mag it would be criminal not to post.

The news only came out on The Fashion Spot at 10:30 and at the time of writing it is 11:24 so there is not any news on contents at the moment except for the obvious presence of Mr. "My ads are so raunchy they should be banned" Ford.

Any followers of the great fashion maverick will know that he has successfully released fragrances for Estée Lauder as well as his own him and her scents. Also, Ford has released a sunglasses range and a menswear line both of which are firm fashion favourites. The sub-title of the cover states of the "wicked masterplan of the super gentleman" and I can only imagine what that wicked plan entails-ah, how much I love sartorial drama.


Philip Lim at New York Fashion Week

By admin on February 8th, 2008


Men’s fashion weeks are a fairly new thing, but already it seems weird to see men’s and womenswear on the same catwalk, and I think the menswear suffers for it.
A case in point is the aforementioned Philip Lim. When you look at the luscious fabrics, the dramatic silhouettes and the intricate detailing that he’s lavished on the female form in his current collection, and then compare it to the classic unadorned practical shapes in which he’s clothed his male models, you can’t help feeling men are getting a bit of a raw deal.

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TV Turn On- Savile Row: Love Thy Neighbour

By Will Reid on February 8th, 2008

SavilerowOn Monday night, a new show began on BBC4. It involved bitterness, plotting, anger and plenty of drama but fear not, we are not witnessing the creation of yet another reality TV special but instead the tailor’s tales of Savile Row.  This program is focused mainly on the reaction of the street’s traditional shop-owners to the recently launched Abercrombie & Fitch store and their anger at the putting of such an erotically-charged and teen-aimed brand on a street associated with the world’s most exquisite tailors and finest males. It’s strangely amusing to see the bitchiness of these “gentleman’s gentlemen” and it’ll be no time before you’ve been drawn into the high street high jinks and silent catfights. So sit down, pick a side and stick to it – unless you are willing to incur the wrath of the scary-looking shop assistant who seems to spend his entire working day peering out of the window. 

BBC4 9:00pm Monday Nights. Watch Online at

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Paris Catwalk Report: Attachment

By admin on January 23rd, 2008


(Click on picture for larger image)

Someone at Attachment watched Oliver Twist
over the holidays. Either that or they got a Russell Brand DVD. Either of those
excuses would explain their decidedly Edwardian (Or is it Victorian? I’m no
historian) theme at their A/W show in Paris.

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Philip Start’s Fashion Week diary

By Isabelle on January 23rd, 2008

Philip Start has been in Paris at the menswear shows looking for new pieces for his London Boutique Start. He caught up with us and gave us the lowdown from the last few days:

Tranoï a small French retailer, had the best brands that didn’t have showrooms and some of the bigger names included Juun-J, U-ni-ty and Tillmann Lauterbach.

Philip went to the Dior show which he said was ‘a bit retro, all black skinny jeans and nothing new’. Ever since Hedi Slimane’s departure Dior has struggled to find a new style and Kris Van Aasche’s MC Hammer trousers weren’t impressing him: ‘My suspicion is that because he
didn’t invent skinny jeans he’s trying to make a mark but I’m not interested in
it’. Philip’s celebrity companion Brian Molko apparently wasn’t too impressed by the baggy trousers either.

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Paris Catwalk Report: Miharayasuhiro

By admin on January 23rd, 2008


(Click on image for larger picture)
Miharayasuhiro have been branching out,
teaming up with Puma for a successful trainer collection. Their S/S collection
was a success, showcasing wearable pieces that are more about fit than
extravagant details. The A/W collection looks to be a continuation of that

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Start Boutique branches out with Mr. Start

By ShinyMedia on January 10th, 2008

MrstartsuitWe featured Start Boutique on Catwalk Queen recently and we’re pleased to hear they are introducing even more ranges for men.
Their already established Made to Measure Tailoring service will be on offer as well as a ready made suit range at a brand new Mr. Start boutique opening in February. Two styles of suit will be offered in the range, a fashion style with slim lapels and shorter sleeves and a more classic style and will be available in a range of both traditional fabrics and more unusual blends.
Mr. Start will be a dedicated tailoring store and is situated just next door to the current boutique. Prices range from £495 for an off the peg suit to £700 for made to measure.

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Buckler, a label to watch

By admin on December 19th, 2007

are who All Saints wish they were. Worn by legends like Iggy Pop and
oxygen thieves like Snow Patrol, They specialise in tailored fits. Basically
they’re an upscale All Saints. Even their logos are similar. Thankfully, their
knitwear is much more solidly made, managing not to feel like it’s going to
waste away if you dare put it in the wash.

They do have an online store but it only
sells one pair of boxer briefs. The picture of the boxers in hand is graphic to
say the least; tight white boxers reveal a little too much under sharp
photography. They do sell in Selfridges amongst other popular stores and will hopefully be fully available online later on next year.

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One Button suits – the way to go for the smart office party

By admin on December 18th, 2007

If you need to make an impression for your
Christmas party, a one button suit may be the way to go. They’re sharp enough
to make you look like you’ve made an effort, but are still casual enough to
wear with a pair of trainers. This Ute Ploier suit is a
perfect example of what you should be looking for. The standout piece of this
outfit would be the trainers and it’s here where you need to get things right.

Whilst Chuck Taylors can look good with a suit,
they can also make you look like you dragged any old pair of trainers from the
back of your wardrobe. Nanny State’s patent
leather trainers
go well with suits and smart attire in general, whilst
still looking like trainers.

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Get the Manchester look at Oipolloi

By admin on December 13th, 2007

OipoloiknitMy favourite shop in Manchester is tucked away in the city’s Northern Quarter and is guarded by a fat little boxer dog on a Fake London bed. It’s called Oipolloi and is the perfect store for the stylish Mancunian male. Many people only know the tracksuit-wearing scallies and the swaggering machismo of Liam Gallagher wannabees, but Manchester men do have a lot more to offer than that in terms of  style.
The Manchester aesthetic is defined by old skool sportswear combined with knits and natural fibres, by classic garments with a twist and by straight-leg indigo denims. Constant rain and many many puddles in the city mean that Manc boys favour a shoe so you’re more likely to see a Hush Puppy or a Clark’s Desert boot than your standard issue trainer.

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Uniqlo menswear sale – gibberish t-shirts a go-go

By ShinyMedia on July 20th, 2007


Sales are great. Sales at places which are already pretty damn cheap are even better. So the Uniqlo sale is the betterest sale going, pretty much. I’ve always looked at Uniqlo as a poor man’s Gap – but in a good way, because I’m a pretty poor man myself. These days their lines are a lot more colourful, thanks perhaps to the creative types they’ve employed to liven things up, as we reported last month. When I was in there last night I found a lot more stuff I’d consider buying than the last time I was in Gap.

I picked up a polo shirt and a t-shirt for a grand total of £15, and you can’t say fairer than that. Unless they fall apart within a week, in which case I’ll do another post warning you off the place. I went for plain designs, but if you’re fond of adorning your torso with utter gibberish, they do a nice line in nonsense slogans as well (see picture of t-shirt with nonsense on it, right).


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