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Paris Menswear SS 2010: Paul Smith and models dance to “Thriller” during finale

By Kimberley Foster on June 29th, 2009

From our womenswear blog, Catwalk Queen

As tributes for Michael Jackson continue to pour in, Sir Paul Smith made the ultimate gesture to the late King of Pop during his closing menswear show in Paris yesterday. The British designer danced his way down the catwalk to Jackson’s iconic “Thriller,” together with his light-footed models. It was a happy and celebratory moment as the audience clapped and bopped along. Catch sight of grey-haired Paul getting down to MJ by clicking play on the video above – fun!

[via Isaac Likes]

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Matches Sale: Phillip Lim

By admin on June 27th, 2008

philliplim.jpgSales are getting larger by the minute which, depending on your financial situation, may be a great excuse to blow your earnings or some more online window shopping. The Matches sale is the largest yet and to accommodate its size, I’ve decided to focus on a designer at a time. This post will focus on Phillip Lim. Check after the jump for info on these items.

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Are Michael Jackson and Ed Hardy to collaborate?

By admin on June 16th, 2008

In a match made in hell, Ed Hardy’s Christian Audigier and Michael Jackson look set to collaborate on an upcoming clothing line. I would have to say that it’s best to take this news with a giant gulp of salt.

Looking at the Ed Hardy website, Audigier seems to be into self promotion more than promoting his clothes (there are 18 pictures of the man on the home page alone). Despite his awful taste, he’s a smart man and knows that mentioning Michael Jackson will get him into every tabloid paper in the world.

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Raw Power Al Pacino t-shirt

By admin on March 11th, 2008

The thing with pictures of celebrity
t-shirts is that they always tend to use pictures of them in their heyday – or
in Michael Jackson’s case, when they had a face that resembled a human being.
This Raw
Power Al Pacino tee
is no different. But let’s face it, no one wants a
picture of Pacino as he looks now on a t-shirt. Even if they loved S1m0ne (if
you know anyone who does love or even like S1im0ne, then call your nearest
mental health institution. Now)

Raw Power have been making these mugshot
tees for a while now and this Pacino one is the strongest out of a strong
bunch. It’s £32.99 and available from Elements.

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