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Michael Stipe and Thomas Dozol’s mag collection

By admin on January 20th, 2009

michael stipe thomas dozol magazines selby.jpg

The Selby never fails to impress with its images of stylish and innovative interiors and Manhattan was the loaction for a recent shoot featuring REM’s Michael Stipe. The pulse quickens as you see the magazines that Stipe and his partner, artists Thomas Dozol, collect.

Vogue, Monocle, Butt and Fantastic Man… It’s an impressive roster of mags. What I want to know is if I can pop by for a afternoon read?

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Michael Stipe designs polo shirt for Lacoste

By admin on November 11th, 2008


This may be sacrilege round these parts, but I’ve never really understood how people can spend over £30 on a t-shirt. But those people exist – I’ve seen them – and may be interested to know that R.E.M’s Michael Stipe has designed a polo shirt for crocodiley clothing folk Lacoste.

If you’d like to know “the concept” behind the shirt – and no, it’s not just “create a shirt people can wear” – allow me to enlighten you by quoting from the website:

For his take on the LACOSTE polo, Stipe created a monumental two tone photographic image depicting a crowd at a stadium concert from the perspective of a performer on stage. The chaotic crowd image contrasts against colors of the LACOSTE petit pique fabric that both obliterates detail and accentuates silhouette.

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Visionaire 54 SPORT- A Lacoste Tribute

By Will Reid on July 1st, 2008

visionairelacoste.jpgThe latest edition of Visionaire has been outed as a tribute to Lacoste’s 75th Anniversary. So far, the infamously expensive Visionaire collection has seen issues made of puzzles and vinyl records but we are now being treated to the ‘first wearable issue.’ Confused? Let me explain.

This issue of Visionaire, in collaboration with Lacoste, will contain three state-of-the-art “full-coverage, full-colour, photographically-printed Lacoste polo shirts featuring artwork by some of the world’s leading artists and photographers.” Basically, the magazine will come in the form of a suitcase containing twelve images and three different shirts. There will be one small, one medium and one large within each copy and there will be four different sets of the SPORT issue. Included is the artwork of Nick Knight, Karl Lagerfeld and Michael Stipe to name but a brilliant few.

The issue will be previewed during next week’s Paris Haute-Couture collections. Those with a subscription are guaranteed a copy.

Each issue costs $250 (£125.)

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