Microsoft announces three new Lumia phones, the 730, 735, and 830

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We sort of knew that they were coming, but it’s nice to see the details coming straight from Microsoft itself. While many of us only expected two Lumia handsets to be announced today, Microsoft has gone and announced three: the Lumia 730, 735, and 830. Plus some new accessories, and a software update to make your phone life even easier. …

Microsoft has teased the unveiling of new Lumia phones on Thursday

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We have heard a fair bit about Microsoft’s upcoming Lumia handsets, the Lumia 730 and 830, but we’ve yet to find out any solid plans regarding the release just yet. That might be about to change if Microsoft’s teaser is anything to go by. The teaser’s use of the #morelumia is a sure-fire indication that the tech giant is planning …

Is Microsoft going to release a Chromecast-like streaming device?

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According to reports, Microsoft is currently working on an HMDI streaming device similar to Google’s Chromecast, which will allow people to watch videos on their devices on a big screen. It makes sense, especially since Chromecast doesn’t support Windows Phone devices at this point in time. Apparently the key difference will be that instead of the dongle pulling video from …

Microsoft has teased the Nokia Lumia 830, specs leak

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We’ve heard about the Lumia 730, Nokia’s selfie-centric handset, but those of you who were disappointed by the handset’s fairly limited (rumoured) specs are in luck, because the Lumia 830 is expected to be so much better. The phone itself has been teased by Microsoft within the company’s IFA invite, through the use of the phrase “face-time” and the use …

Microsoft CEO confirms that Windows will merge into one OS

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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has confirmed that all versions of windows will soon merge into one operating system that will be available on all devices. “We will streamline the next version of Windows from three operating systems into one single converged operating system for screens of all sizes. We will unify our stores, commerce and developer platforms to drive a more …

Common performs “Universal Mind Control” on Jimmy Kimmel in a bow tie

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Common is also getting of the fashion bandwagon, producing a range of tees with Microsoft for their Softwear range. Whether it will be a little like this is still to be seen but Common is obviously keen to spread his fashion wings as he recently appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show in a nifty bow tie.