Moccasins: do the soft-shoe shuffle

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Eurostar arrivals at St Pancras International at the weekend was an uexpected source of fashion inspiration. Tanned legs and some great shorts were on display (cudos to the baggy seersucker and faded pink preppy shorts-wearers respectively). But what really caught my eye were some great moccasins on the feet of traveling bucks from both sides of the Channel. Often used interchangeably with loafer, deck shoe and the horribly-named car shoe, to be specific about it, the moccasin differs from its cousins in its slouchiness, being created from softer hides, with a thin, often negligible sole, qualities derived from their Native American heritage. I’ve been wearing the Minnetonka buffalo-hide ones here after picking them up in Williamsburg last summer and can report great comfort and the ability to pad about unheard as though you’re out in your slippers. A welcome twist on the all-American deck shoe too.